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ISIS-2208: moves h2 console into new isis extension

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ISIS-2158: work towards deprecating ObjectAdapter

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ISIS-2158: have IsisSystemEnvironment cleanup Isis' _Context

- also tries to ensure, there can be only one IsisSystemEnvironment

instance at any time

- moving IsisSystemEnvironment one up in package hierarchy

- we hook into the Spring context's life-cycle and call _Context.clear()

when Spring is about to start the @PostConstuct phase

- also fixes a concurrent testing issue

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ISIS-2163: IsisSystemEnvironment is now a Spring-managed bean.

To ease migration, provides a static IsisSystemEnvironment#get()

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ISIS-2158: convert IsisSystemEnvironment to be a Spring managed bean

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ISIS-2086: Hsql and H2 UI now read ConnectionURL from IsisConfiguration.

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ISIS-2158: class discovery: removes the need for a custom scan-filter

- @Singleton is no longer discovered!

- use @Service or @DomainService instead

- the IsisBeanScanInterceptorForSpring is now a NoOp, waiting to be


- IsisBoot installs the IsisBeanFactoryPostProcessorForSpring which is

the replacement for the filter above

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ISIS-2086: integrating the new configuration beans with the framework

- rename old IsisConfiguration -> IsisConfigurationLegacy, to make space

for the new 'IsisConfiguration'

- moving IDE-support dependency (maven) to module 'config'

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batch update source format:

- Add missing '@Override' annotations

- Correct indentation

- Add file header (JAutodoc)

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batch update source format: organize imports and reorder









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ISIS-2140 remove DomainServiceLayout.menuOrder

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ISIS-2142 removes deprecated NatureOfService.VIEW_MENU_ONLY

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ISIS-2126 aligning most pkg names for modules 'runtime*'

- o.a.i.core.runtime.* -> o.a.i.runtime.*

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