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ISIS-2213: moves core/runtime-spring dir to core/webboot-springboot

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.
ISIS-2213: renames isis-runtime-spring to isis-webboot-springboot

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
ISIS-2213: updates git.propertiesDir where necessary


- adds "-dom" for h2console and hsqldbmgr, to allow for future fixtures or integtests of these extensions, and moves classes accordingly

- removes some duplicated tests

- moved all classes in o.a.isis.extensions.base to reside under .base.dom

- moves core/testsupport/mavenplugin to legacy/testsupport/mavenplugin

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ISIS-2205: runtime-extensions renamed to runtime-spring

  1. … 31 more files in changeset.