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ISIS-936: moved prod source from isis-core-objectstore-jdo-datanucleus to isis-core-runtime. moved tests to core/tck/isis-core-tck-integtests.

Have also (temporarily) skipped the tests in isis-core-tck-restfulobjects URLs have changed for objects and further refactorings anticipated...

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ISIS-935: RO viewer return 404 for not found. To enable this, introduced ExceptionRecognizer2 interface (an extension of ExceptionRecognizer) and pushed down its usage into DataNucleusObjectStore.

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ISIS-908: FixtureScripts now support MultipleExecutionStrategy.

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ISIS-912: allow fixtures to be installed from command line even if using the simplericity jetty-console wrapper.

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ISIS-809: view models now work for those mapped via JDO to views (ie non-durable persistence types)


identityType = IdentityType.NONDURABLE,

table = "InvoiceSummaryForPropertyDueDate", ... )

ISIS-865: checks if any (non-Command) objects have been dirtied in an xactn initiated by an action with safe-semantics; if so, and if "isis.persistor.ensureSafeSemantics" is "true", will abort xactn.

Whichever way setting, will log with ERROR severity.

NB: this feature requires a CommandService impl that supports the new Command2 API.

Also supported in integ tests.

The default is taken to be "false", ie only log error, don't abort xactn. This is for backward compatibility with 1.6.0 and previous versions.

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ISIS-809: view models using @ViewModel annotation (builds memento from all read/write properties, provided not annotated with either @NotPersistable or @Programmatic)

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ISIS-643: similar fix in preDelete processing.

But here, rather than an NPE guard, instead force the adapter to be loaded such that it can be enlisted in the xactn.

ISIS-643: speculative fix to add a guard to an NPE if post delete processing.

... based, unfortunately, only on the supplied stacktrace and a bit of guesswork, since no reproducible case available.

ISIS-851: removing isis-module-background (moved back to core-runtime), and updating simpleapp/todoapp to reference 1.6.0 modules directly.


- removed dependencyManagement declarations of the o.a.i.module:isis-module-* Maven modules in core's parent pom.xml, and as <module>s

- moved BackgroundCommandExceution out of isis-module-background and back into isis-core-runtime (so that all modules are optional)

- changed implementation of BackgroundServiceDefault so that no longer fails fast if its prereq dependencies not available (and instead fails only if used). This means that can now be automatically made available (via @DomainService) with no configuration required.

- in simpleapp & todoapp's root pom.xml now reference isis 1.6.0 core's isis-module-* directly (and by individual version).

- in simpleapp & todoapp's webapp pom.xml, remove dependency on isis-module-background since (will) no longer exist.

In addition:

- in simpleapp, deleted ComponentFactoryRegistrarForSimpleApp, since is a no-op and just adds noise.

- in simpleapp & todoapp's, removed accidental duplication of a property.

- aligned IsisConfigurationForJdoIntegTests (programmatic setup of JDO config props) with that of (file-based setup)

- bumped pom-jdo-enhance-all to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT

- also fixes to RO TCK (change to fixture data, a bit fragile :-( it would seem...)

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ISIS-796: fixing lifecycle callbacks...

... fire from JDO Objectstore only.

... also LoadingCallback can never be fired, so deprecated and raised ISIS-841 to have it deleted in future.

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ISIS-833: moved applib services into own modules, rationalized most of the applib/runtime modules

(full details are on the corresponding JIRA,, along with draft text for aiding migratio when prepare release notes).

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ISIS-833: starting to break out modules

* new (empty) modules:

- isis-module-audit-jdo; isis-module-background; isis-module-command-jdo; isis-module-devutils; isis-module-publishing-jdo; isis-module-settings;

* renamed o.a.i.core:isis-core-wrapper to o.a.i.module.isis-module-wrapper

* added Javadoc comments to those services already annotated with @DomainService and implemented either in applib or core.runtime:

- Bulk.InteractionContext; ClassDiscoveryServiceUsingReflections; ClockService; CommandContext; QueryResultsCache; Scratchpad; MementoServiceDefault;

* IsisJdoSupportImpl now annotated with @DomainService (since part of core) so automatically registered

* EventBusServiceJdo now annotated with @DomainService (since part of core) so automatically registered

* EventBusServiceDefault now marked as deprecated because it has effectively been subsumed by EventBusServiceJdo

* IsisJdoSupport moved from jdo-applib to core-applib; requires update to applib's pom.xml to reference javax.jdo:jdo-api

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ISIS-832: deleting old src/site files (defunct since now using ASF CMS).

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ISIS-832: adding prefixes for modules moved to core

eg jdo-applib renamed to objectstore-jdo-applib.

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