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ISIS-2126 moving JDO specific facets 'metamodel' -> 'jdo-common'

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ISIS-2126 aligning most pkg names for module 'metamodel'

- o.a.i.core.metamodel.* -> o.a.i.metamodel.*

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ISIS-2033: moving jdo facets 'metamodel' -> 'jdo-common'


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Revert "ISIS-2033: intermediate breaking commit"

This reverts commit ded1cec9883aec14583a9709e408a1584ab2b53d.

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ISIS-2033: intermediate breaking commit


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ISIS-1841 automated source cleanup

Add missing '@Override' annotations

Remove trailing white spaces on all lines

Correct indentation

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ISIS-1630: no longer installs DN/JDO facets on view models (or rather, any object that isn't an entity).

The issue as originally described was the result of the MandatoryFromJdoColumnAnnotationFacetFactory being installed, with the MandatoryFacet with inverted semantics (due to absence of @Column) trashing the original MandatoryFacetDefault that was already there. The fix is to simply ignore the facet factory for

The other facet factories pertaining only to DN entities have also been updated in same way.

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ISIS-1550: removes validator that ensures there is >=1 @PersistenceCapable entity in the classpath

ISIS-1194: simplified the Oid hierarchy to just two : RootOid and ParentedCollectionOid

* RootOid is the rename of RootOidDefault, and incorporates the original RootOid interface and the TypedOid interface. (TypedOid previously was also a supertype of AggregatedOid, but this was removed in a previous commit).

* ParentedCollectionOid is the rename of CollectionOid, and incorporates the original ParentOid supertype interface. (ParentOid previously was also a supertype of AggregatedOid, but this was removed in a previous commit).

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ISIS-1027: improving validation messages

- show if the method is inherited or not

- reformat messages to put the violation class/method first

- order the messages alphabetically


- changed Optionality enum in applib, from TRUE|FALSE to OPTIONAL|MANDATORY.

- updates to the DomainChangeJdoAbstract

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ISIS-936: moved source from isis-core-objectstore-jdo-metamodel to isis-core-metamodel.

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