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ISIS-1313: new 'commonSchemas' configuration parameter.

ISIS-1237: swagger mojo, also some updates to docs and simpleapp archetype

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ISIS-1258: adding xsd goal for mvn plugin.

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ISIS-1194: simplify isis-maven-plugin to use appManifest (rather than isisConfigDir).

As a result, delete the IsisMetaModel class, since no longer required.

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ISIS-1194: simplfying the bootstrap and wiring of components, in particular around PersistenceSessionFactory


- IsisSessionFactory

- now passed in the ServicesInjector (rather than obtaining it from the PersistenceSessionFactory)

- initialization of FixtureClock done in IsisSessionFactory rather than PersistenceSessionFactory

- IsisSystem

- createSessionFactory(), changed the order in order to remove some bidir relationships

- in shutdownServices, avoid NPE if the serviceInitializer was never instantiated during init()

- PersistenceSessionFactory

- no longer implements MetaModelRefiner, instead moved out to separate class (PersistenceSessionFactoryMetamodelRefiner)

- this allows us to break the bidir between PersistenceSessionFactory and SpecificationLoader

- no longer requires a RuntimeContext

- no longer requires a ServicesInjector (is provided by IsisSessionFactory when #createPersistenceSession() is called to pass onto the created PersistenceSession)

- no longer implements SpecificationLoaderAware, nor requires a SpecificationLoader (is provided by IsisSessionFactory when #createPerisistenceSession is called)

- similar changes to IsisMetaModel, in its constructor an init() method, to wire up components in the correct order

- PersistenceSession

- no longer holds reference to PersistenceSessionFactory (though does only as FixturesInstallerFlag in order that PSF can continue to cache whether fixtures installed)

- is passed in the JDO PersistenceManagerFactory from Isis' PSF (rather than accessing the PSF's DataNucleusApplicationComponents, which is now wholly internal to PSF)

- is passed in the ServicesInjector directly (rather than obtain from Isis' PSF)

- RuntimeContextAbstract

- now also passed in SpecificationLoader into its constructor (required reordering of IsisSessionFactory#init to be able to do this)

- thereby remove the whole SpecificationLookupDelegator contrivance

- JavaReflectorHelper

- pass through deploymentType to ObjectReflectorDefault

- ObjectReflectorDefault

- removal of isInjectorMethodFor, instead have callers instantiate the InjectorMethodEvaluatorDefault directly

also, to make caller hierarchy more useful::

- changed ApplicationScopedComponent and SessionScopedComponent into marker interfaces

- removed Injectable, pushed injectInto(Object) into subtypes


- enhanced IsisMojoAbstract and IsisMojoValidate (maven-isis-plugin)

- to accept an appManifest in the pom.xml

- use an AppManifest rather than MetaModel to bootstrap the system and validate

- moved IsisComponentProviderDefault from core-integtest into core-runtime (renamed as ...Default2), so can be used by maven-isis-plugin


- deleted AdapterManagerDefault, no longer used

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ISIS-1194: moving application-scoped components to RuntimeContextAbstract superclass; IsisTransaction simplifications

- IsisConfigurationDefault now implements ConfigurationService (and using IsisConfigurationDefault concrete class rather than interface where necessary)

- RuntimeContext implementations now require a ServiceInjector, and default the deployment category and configuration; these are set up and immutable for the runtime context

- meaning that RuntimeContext no longer is ServiceInjectorAware.


- IsisTransaction passed through the PersistenceSession (rather than obtain from IsisContext)

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ISIS-848: enhancing IsisComponentProvider impls to honour GlobSpec if present.


- chaged GlobSpec API to return list of classes of fixture scripts, rather than the fixture scripts themselves.

- standardized method names of IsisComponentProvider interface ("provide..." instead of a mixture of "provide..." and "obtain...")

-moved common functionality into IsisComponentProviderAbstract, including having InstallerComponentProviderUsingInstallers eagerly evaluating

- removed superfluous constants in SystemConstants

- simplified ServicesInstaller#getServices(DeploymentType) to just #getServices(...), since the globSpec will now be the preferred way to vary runtimes

- made the ServicesInstaller impls all inherit from ServicesInstallerAbstract

- extending IsisConfigurationBuilder and InstallerLookup to allow the IsisComponentProvider to put new properties into the config

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ISIS-284: use injected @Parameter for configuration rather than reading directly.

ISIS-284: renaming of mojo classes to better capture intent (IsisRunnable -> MetaModelProcessor, IsisMojoReporter -> MetaModelProcessor.Context).

Also add the MavenProject into the MetaModelValidator.Context interface, and make private in IsisMojoAbstract. That way all the stuff that the subclasses (eg IsisMojoValidate) needs is available in the MetaModelProcessor.Context API)

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ISIS-284: refactored isis-maven-plugin, factoring out IsisMojoAbstract superclass to remove boilerplate in future mojos.

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ISIS-284: moving isis-maven-plugin from todo app's webapp module and instead in the dom module. Supported this by extending the ServicesInstaller API, adding setIgnoreFailures.

Also added into simpleapp example.

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ISIS-284: moved isis-maven-plugin into core; deleted unused code; todoapp example now references the plugin in its webapp project.

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