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ISIS-2108 allows for WebModules to be plugged in using Spring API

- order of the WebModules within the filter chain is also determinded by

Spring API (using either @Order or @Priority)

- renaming legacy/transition-1-2 -> legacy/legacy

- moving webserver -> legacy/webserver (webserver is no longer needed,

web.apps do now have their own command-line entry-points ... main() )

- new module 'runtime-web' to consoldiate ServletContext specific


- renaming classes Isis*Boot* -> IsisBoot*

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ISIS-2112: remove log4j (v1) from the classpath


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converting module 'log4j' to use log4j v2 instead of v1

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ISIS-2112: properly implements 'isis-maven-plugin' to use Spring

- adds home-brew package scanning prior to Spring Context initialization

- however, whether the MoJos do what they are supposed to, needs to be

tested still


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ISIS-2112: migrate 'isis-maven-plugin' to launch a Spring Context

- just a stub yet, but a FIXME[2112] marker is in place

- also making auth/bypass a convenient config bean -> IsisSecurityBoot

- 'simpleapp' successfully builds now


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ISIS-2112: removes the AppManifest/AbstractModule subsystem

- yet needed lots of FIXME[2112] markers, to be dealt with later


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ISIS-2112: convert IsisSessionFactoryDefault to spring-managed singleton


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ISIS-2112: backporting from '2033-IoC_Spring' branch


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ISIS-2033: IsisTransactionManager disabled: springapp starts on tomcat

however, wicket-viewer is not yet usable


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ISIS-2033: cleaning up ServiceInjector interface


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ISIS-2033: split MetaModelValidationException into 2 parts

MetaModelDeficiencies to hold the validation result

MetaModelValidationException to be constructed from



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ISIS-2033: removes IsisComponentProvider and its entire package


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ISIS-2033: disentangle IsisSessionFactory bootstrapping


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ISIS-2033: make IsisSessionFactory an interface


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ISIS-2033: proper support for CDI lifecycle


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ISIS-2033: remove AppManifestProvider interface and do some cleanup


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2039 redesign of config (#134)

* ISIS-2039: major refactoring

move config code into its own module

remove number of classes in metamodel, that hold a reference to

IsisConfiguration or its implementation

hide the mutable IsisConfigurationDefault


* ISIS-2039: reduce visibility of some config classes


* ISIS-2039: simplify config access


* ISIS-2039: cleaning up the component-provider mess

for web-modules: no longer negotiate by writing attributes to the

servlet-context, instead use a java class for that


* ISIS-2039: fixing some tests


* ISIS-2039: removing arguments of @PostConstruct methods


* ISIS-2039: lazy binding to config for wicket


* ISIS-2039: proposed test fix

also cleaning up verbose tests


* ISIS-2039: more test fixes


* ISIS-2039: experimenting with AppConfig managed by Guice


* ISIS-2039: solving the AppManifest lookup problem independently of the

configuration bootstrapping


* ISIS-2039: simplify helloworld


* ISIS-2039: moving type discovery to an earlier stage in bootstrapping

Integration Test Bootstrapping works.


* ISIS-2039: on web-context: move the config bootstrapping from wicket

module to the main ServletContextListener

such that the wicket module is no longer responsible for initiating the



* ISIS-2039: config bootstrapping: fixes the resource chain


* ISIS-2039: allow ServiceLoader lookup for AppConfig to fallback ...

to previous behavior, that is to lookup the AppManifest from config

property 'isis.appManifest'


* ISIS-2039: fixes concurrent modification with _Context

add a property 'isUnitTesting' to the IsisSystemEnvironment, to help

with the decision on how to bootstrap the configuration

also doing some cleaning up


* ISIS-2039: fixing junit tests ...

by having the IsisSystemEnvironment#isUnitTesting correctly setup by



* ISIS-2039: further fixing tests ...

also moving ExceptionRecognizer services that depend on the 'config'

module from 'applib' to 'runtime'


* ISIS-2039: fixing tests, that fail due to new domain object annot.



* ISIS-2039: unify config bootstrapping code for maven-plugin,

wicket-viewer and headless


* ISIS-2039: to fix prev. commit: let the maven-plugin bootstrap the

configuration properly


* ISIS-2039: fixing mm verification tests


* ISIS-2039: reinstating the ConfigurationServiceDefault

also renaming packages within the 'config' module -> 'o.a.i.config'


* ISIS-2039: removing the ConfigurationService interface

use the singleton IsisConfiguration instead

for the UI, the ConfigurationServiceMenu was renamed to

ConfigurationMenu which uses a ConfigurationViewService for the single

purpose of displaying config values


* ISIS-2039: reorg. packages


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ISIS-1976: polishing ServiceInjector and ServiceRegistry API

let ServiceInjector implement ServiceRegistry

service lookup result is now an Optional instead of a nullable Object


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Merge branch 'master' into v2

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ISIS-1974: switches isis mojo logging back to INFO

ISIS-1974: attempts to track down deadlock in validate

Bootstraps validate plugin in DEBUG mode; switch specification loader to

run sequentially

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ISIS-1841 automated source cleanup

Add missing '@Override' annotations

Remove trailing white spaces on all lines

Correct indentation

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ISIS-1841: further cleaning up some compiler warnings


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ISIS-1841 comments: further remove visual clutter

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ISIS-1841 comments: reduce visual clutter

replace 'region .. endregion' comment markers with just headers

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ISIS-1745: updates SimpleModuleManifest so that isis:validate *does* bootstrap DataNucleus.

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ISIS-1427: renamed IsisSystem to IsisSessionFactoryBuilder; bind IsisSessionFactory to http servlet context rather than IsisSystem (also do this in IsisWicketApplication); make OidMarshaller a singleton; remove convenience accessors from ServicesInjector; bind DeploymentCategory as a "service" (bean) in ServicesInjector; similarly refactor to remove AuthenticationSessionProvider service; MSG_ constants now listed in MessageRegistry

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ISIS-1427: renames methods in IsisSystemForTest, rationalizes functionality between IsisSystem and IsisSessionFactory

The intent being that IsisSystem is just a builder for IsisSessionFactory. The responsibility for calling @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy was held by IsisSystem, meaning that it was necessary to call both shutdown on IsisSessionFactory and then on IsisSystem. Moving the responsibility for services initialization/destroy into IsisSessionFactory therefore simplifies the callers; there is no need to hold onto the IsisSystem, just use the IsisSessionFactory.

As part of this the DeploymentCategoryProviderDefault is now a fallback service, added into ServicesInjector prior to init'ing the guice IsisInjectModel (which creates the IsisSystem and thence IsisSessionFactory).

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