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ISIS-2108 allows for WebModules to be plugged in using Spring API

- order of the WebModules within the filter chain is also determinded by

Spring API (using either @Order or @Priority)

- renaming legacy/transition-1-2 -> legacy/legacy

- moving webserver -> legacy/webserver (webserver is no longer needed,

web.apps do now have their own command-line entry-points ... main() )

- new module 'runtime-web' to consoldiate ServletContext specific


- renaming classes Isis*Boot* -> IsisBoot*

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ISIS-2112: removes the 'class-discovery' plugin


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ISIS-2033: starting a new branch for having spring boot take over

removing any modules that are in the way now; we can re-add them later


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ISIS-2033: removing JDO API from 'applib'


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merge (ISIS-1965 & ISIS-1977) - adds flatten plugin for new v2-only modules

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ISIS-1742: new module 'transition-1-2' to ease the migration from Isis 1.16.x to 2.0.0


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