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ISIS-938: mothball isis-core-bytecode-cglib and isis-core-bytecode-javassist. Minor changes in PersistenceMechanismInstallerAbstract to remove vestigial dependency on same.

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ISIS-832: deleting old src/site files (defunct since now using ASF CMS).

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ISIS-550: PostsCollectionAddToEvent first-cut impl

... pretty much there.

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ISIS-648, ISIS-652, ISIS-653, ISIS-655: bulk actions, request scoped services

ISIS-652: @RequestScoped services

- CDI 1.0 now a dependency of applib (for the @RequestScoped annotation)

- javassist is now a dependency of runtime

- ServiceInitializer, create javassist proxy for request-scoped services/beans

(delegates to threadlocal held within the proxy)

- functionality in JavassistClassSubstitor now moved into core (ClassSubstitutorAbstract) so that

ObjectSpecifications for @RequestScoped services are automatically setup correctly

(the synthetic methods etc are disregarded)

- old JavassistClassSubstitor in core-bytecode-javassist now marked as deprecated

- PersistenceSession#open automatically initializes all request-scoped services (by downcasting to RequestScopedService and

calling __isis_startRequest), and #close() similarly tidies up (by calling to __isis_endRequest)

- UserProfileLoaderDefault, when creating the UserProfile object, excludes any request-scoped services

ISIS-648, ISIS-655: enhanced bulk update support

- @Bulk#appliesTo property - whether to render action *only* as bulk

- updates to EntityActionUtil to suppress in UI

- Bulk.InteractionContext#invokedAs added, to tell object whether the action called as a bulk or regular

- change in behaviour when invoking bulk actions, navigate to return value of action of last object called (if not null)

- ActionResultResponseType (etc) factored out for common handling of results from either

regular actions or bulk actions

ISIS-655, refactored bulk interaction context

- Bulk.InteractionContext is now a request scoped service

- deprecated the old threadlocal current

- PersistenceSession#open copies over the service to the threadlocal

- deprecated Bulk.InteractionContext#with(...) methods

- no longer required, so throw an explanatory exception (yes, this is a tiny breaking change...)

ISIS-653, Scratchpad @RequestScoped service

- Scratchpad service to get and set userdata, added to applib

- allows apps to pass contextual information from one object's action to next

- TodoItem updated to demonstrate usage

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ISIS-509: tidy-up of Util classes.

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ISIS-475: dynamic layouts from JSON

- new LayoutMetadataReader interface

- new impls for properties and for json

- new classes representing LayoutMetadata (serializable to JSON)

- FacetedMethodsBuilder now uses the new LayoutMetadataReader interface

- searches for json impl, then properties impl

- utility classes/methods (ObjectAssociations, ObjectSpecifications, EntityActionUtil.memberOrderOf) moved from viewer-wicket to core-metamodel

- example layout for ToDoItem converted to *.isis.json

- DeveloperUtilitiesService allows ability to download layout

- factored out MemberOrderFacetComparator from MemberOrderComparator, so can reuse.


- ArrayUtils and ArrayUtil classes removed

- combined Resources utility class with ResourceUtil utility class, unused methods removed

- unused methods in PropertyUtil removed


- little bit of CSS cosmetic change in table td left borders

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ISIS-406: getting integration tests to run with wrapper

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ISIS-188: renaming packages in line with groupId:artifactId

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ISIS-188: moving framework/ subdirs up to parent

* also tidied up STATUS, and removed the incubator DISCLAIMER

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moving core/bytecode-javassist to alternatives/bytecode/javassist

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copying over from contrib/initial/trunk

git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68

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