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ISIS-2158: wrapper: allow async invocation for mixins as well

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ISIS-2158: wrapper: redesigns recently introduced async execution

- new programming model allows to get hold of the Future that is

associated with the async action invocation

- type-safe async action invocation supports up to 4 arguments


- users are free to pick an ExecutorService for each individual async

execution, we default to the common ForkJoinPool

- handling of exceptions that occur during async invocation is not yet

well designed (API) or tested

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ISIS-2086: updates some comments, is all

so that they don't appear in search results for "isis.

merging ISIS-2086 -> v2

- also fixing the TranslationService.Mode.DISABLE(D) synonym issue

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ISIS-2158: class discovery: removes the need for a custom scan-filter

- @Singleton is no longer discovered!

- use @Service or @DomainService instead

- the IsisBeanScanInterceptorForSpring is now a NoOp, waiting to be


- IsisBoot installs the IsisBeanFactoryPostProcessorForSpring which is

the replacement for the filter above

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ISIS-2082: spikes the use of type-safe config properties, for two cases.

First is "", which is used by RepositoryServiceJdo. Here the config bean can be injected and consumed directly.

Second is "isis.reflector.explicitAnnotations.action", which is used by FacetedMethodBuilder. Here we use the _Spring.getSingleton service locator to read.

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ISIS-2158: NatureOfService remove invalid apiNote

ISIS-2158: new behavior on deprecated NatureOfService.VIEW_CONTRIBUTIONS_ONLY

- by treating this a synonym for NatureOfService.VIEW, it has the

convenient side-effect, that all the contributed actions show up in the

'others' menu, which is a way to dramatically ease migration

- added notes in java-doc mentioning this convenient side-effect

ISIS-2158: cleanup serializaion ids no longer needed

- also mark NatureOfService deprecated options to be removed with

release 2.0.0

ISIS-2158: minor: typo

ISIS-2158: remove requirement for event-objects to be serializable

- replaces the root of the DomainEvent class hierarchy

java.util.EventBase with

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ISIS-2161: adds a new annotation: Model

- new validation: SupportingMethodValidatorRefinerFactory

- replaces validation via MethodPrefixBasedFacetFactoryAbstract

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ISIS-2158: fixes MM validation on deprecated NatureOfService options

- also cleans up (de-duplicates) prefix constants

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ISIS-2158: NatureOfService: resurrect former enum options

- in order to ease domain code migration (from 1.x to 2.x)

- also providing more precise specifications with associated java-doc

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ISIS-2158: fixes stereotypes on services that failed MM validation

- we have still failing services, those that contribute to menus

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ISIS-2158: fixes prorgammatic metamodel validation

- also extends the ValidationFailure gathering functionality to also

record the originating class/member/parameter, where the validation

failure occurred

- allows for smoketests to filter the gathered validation failures by

particular domain-object types of interest (which previously was not

possible by only relying on the failure message text)

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ISIS-2158: adds new debugging presets

- debug logging for the programming model and its refiners

- also adds stubs for metamodel validation smoketesting with good and

bad domain-objects

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ISIS-2158 changes MetaModelExporter behavior

- if no package prefixes configured export all instead of none

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ISIS-2158 deprecats ThreadPoolSupport in favor of new ConcurrentTaskList

- ConcurrentTaskList (internal API) hopefully provides a simpler and

more flexible solution to concurrent task execution

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ISIS-2158: simplify application configuration

in case there are multiple configurations to pick from when

bootstrapping with Spring, picking one configuration class works just

fine if the other are not auto-discovered by Spring's package scanning;

so the solution is to move any Spring configuration beans out of the

scanned package hierarchy

this commit does this for 'smoketests' and 'simpleapp' by moving the

config beans into xxx.conf packages that are out of scanning scope

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ISIS-2158: refining wrapper's ASYNC execution mode, adds java-doc

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ISIS-2158 extends the WrapperFactory API, to give users more control

- when using the 'wrapper', the desired execution mode can now be

controlled finer by combining ExectionMode options to an EnumSet, where

now any possible combination is available to the user

- also added a new ASYNC mode Option do be implemented later; idea is to

allow for background execution via the WrapperFactory

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ISIS-2158 fixes some behavior inconsitences regarding domain object execution mode

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ISIS-2158 minor code cleanup

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ISIS-2158 refining TransactionService (API)

- executeWithinTransaction(task) now reuses any existing tx boundary

- executeWithinNewTransaction(task) forces creation of a new tx boundary

JDO does not support transaction nesting, so we reuse tx boundaries by

default. This should allow for better tx rollback support.

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ISIS-2156 hotfix: disable HttpSessions creation when basic-auth strategy

- several principal and related objects have been improved to procude

less stress on the heap

- smoketests added that also test for the absence of a HttpSession when

using basic-auth strategy against a rest endpoint

- also moves the new restclient introduced with v2 from applib to a new

extension module 'restclient'

- improvements to the restclient to also handle scalar value types

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ISIS-2156 bump shiro version 1.3.2 -> 1.4.1

- despite the unresolved shiro issue [1], however the mentioned

workaround appears to work:

filterChainResolver =



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batch update source format:

- Add missing '@Override' annotations

- Correct indentation

- Add file header (JAutodoc)

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batch update source format: organize imports and reorder









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ISIS-2125 remove the CountDownLatch from Isis' Transaction API

- instead let the IsisTransactionAspectSupport allow for task

synchronization on transactions

- fixes the basic BackgroundService smoke-test

- however, action-domain-events are not yet triggered when invoking via


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