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EST-1507: fixes unit test for QueryResultsCache

ISIS-1414: introduced sequence for chg.xsd so that PublishedObjects can have a sequence; promoted WithTransactionScope interface to applib; QueryResultsCache now implements this interface.

The "transactionId" is really an interaction id, and there could be multiple transactions within a single such interaction. Therefore any PublishedObjects (= set of dirtied objects within a transaction) needs to have a sequence number to distinguish from other transactions, and also from any interaction executions.

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ISIS-1291: simplifying OidDto, also use 'com' rather than 'common' as namespace prefix for common.xsd

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ISIS-1370: changing the API for PublisherService, adding default Logging implementation. Adding support for deep XML graphs within InteractionDto.

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ISIS-1389: further minor changes for consistency.

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ISIS-1389: completing up making CommandDto / InteractionDto and Interaction consistent.

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ISIS-1389: renaming PropertyModification to PropertyEdit.

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ISIS-1397: rename ReturnDto to ValueWithTypeDto, use for new param of property modification also.

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ISIS-1397: factored out InteractionDtoServiceInternal (cf CommandDtoServiceInternal); move responsibility to hold the Dto into the applib Interaction object.

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ISIS-1397: bringing applib Interaction and MemberInteractionMementoDto closer into line; to whit...

- renamed mim.xsd to ixn.xsd

- renamed MemberInteractionMementoDto to just InteractionDto (cf applib's Interaction)

- renamed MemberInteractionDto to just InteractionExecutionDto (cf applib's Interaction.Execution)

- moved subExecutions to InteractionExecutionDto

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ISIS-1397: reworked mim.xsd as a replacement/generalization for aim.xsd. renamed some of the methods in applib's Interaction class, to make more consistent with MemberInteractionMementoDto.

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ISIS-1370: construct the aimDto before calling PublisherService. Also refactoring property setter facet and OneToOneAssociation to follow the same general structure as for action invocations, in particular for the set up of Command objects.

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ISIS-1291: extending common.xsd to support enums.

Also ensuring all the XSD files are consistent.

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ISIS-1291: memento xsd schemas + utils; new command memento DTO for Command#memento, updated background service, background execution; new PublisherService


- deleted aim-1.0.xsd, added in aim-2.0.xsd, also cmd-1.0.xsd and updated common-1.0.xsd.

- Updated ActionMementoDtoUtils new CommandMementoDtoUtils and CommandDtoUtils

- moved CommandMementoService to internal SPI, added asCommandMemento, depends on ObjectAction (in order to handle mixin types) and also works on lists of objects (for bulk command/actions)

- ActionInvocationFacet populates the Command#setMemento using CommandMementoDto (legacy behaviour preserved)

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ISIS-1291: partially reverting the introduction of a SequenceName... no need after all to add to EventMetadata, because there is only one reason for subactions to occur. Also moved the SequenceName enum out from EventMetadata and into Command interface.

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ISIS-1291: introduce enum for sequenceName (for newEventMetadata); minor moving around of methods/extract methods refactoring of newEventMetadata within IsisTransaction.

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ISIS-1372: extending EventMetadata with a sequenceName, in preparation to CommandMementoService creating different sequences of events (published event, wrapped event, background commands).

Also updated javadoc for Command, and created a constant "(edit)" which is the value of Command#getTargetAction() for property edits.

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ISIS-1373: isis-core-applib now depends on isis-core-schema, rather than other way around. Moved JaxbServiceDefault to applib.

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ISIS-1369: adding in tests (taken from isis-module-security).

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ISIS-1287: fixing up license header files

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ISIS-993: extending grid structure to include offsets and allow multiple col-XX-nn to be defined per column.

Also tidied up the simpleapp:

- removed .layout.json for HomePageViewModel, replaced with a .layout.xml

- cleaned up SimpleObject (removing those test collections)

- removed SimpleObject#updateName action.

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ISIS-1158: adding i18n support to Specification interface.

also added some documentation for specification, in the ref guide.

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ISIS-1159: make ExceptionRecognizerCompositeForJdoObjectStore be automatically registered using @DomainService ...

... and provide a config property to disable if required.

Also: minor refactorings/improvements to ExceptionRecognizerComposite.

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ISIS-1108: TranslatableException; ExceptionRecognizerAbstract checks if exception implements TranslatableException; overloads of informUser etc for DomainObjectContainer

In addition:

- RecoverableException, NonRecoverableException, ApplicationException can specify TranslatableString message in constructor

- ExceptionRecognizerTranslate JUnit rule ensures that any thrown exceptions that implement TranslatableException are exercised (calls getTranslatedMessage() on them).

- ExceptionRecognizerComposite injected services into sub recognizers

- ditto DomainObjectContainerDefault

- IntegrationTestAbstract now specifies the ExceptionRecognizerTranslate rule by default.

- TranslatableString exposes its getPattern so that TranslatableExceptions have a meaningful getMessage() if only a TranslatableString message was provided.

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ISIS-928: adding missing license files (per RAT tool).

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ISIS-1043: get/set parameters on ExecutionContext

Factored out ExecutionParameters and a supporting ExecutionParametersService to make pluggable

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ISIS-903: can now write to .pot and read from .po file

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ISIS-903: refactoring TranslationService so can write out .pot file...

... with msgid_plural if required.

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ISIS-903: plural unit tests for PoReader now passing

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ISIS-903: fixing bug introduced on minor improvement to CssClassFa facet

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