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ISIS-1158: adding i18n support to Specification interface.

also added some documentation for specification, in the ref guide.

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ISIS-1159: make ExceptionRecognizerCompositeForJdoObjectStore be automatically registered using @DomainService ...

... and provide a config property to disable if required.

Also: minor refactorings/improvements to ExceptionRecognizerComposite.

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ISIS-1108: TranslatableException; ExceptionRecognizerAbstract checks if exception implements TranslatableException; overloads of informUser etc for DomainObjectContainer

In addition:

- RecoverableException, NonRecoverableException, ApplicationException can specify TranslatableString message in constructor

- ExceptionRecognizerTranslate JUnit rule ensures that any thrown exceptions that implement TranslatableException are exercised (calls getTranslatedMessage() on them).

- ExceptionRecognizerComposite injected services into sub recognizers

- ditto DomainObjectContainerDefault

- IntegrationTestAbstract now specifies the ExceptionRecognizerTranslate rule by default.

- TranslatableString exposes its getPattern so that TranslatableExceptions have a meaningful getMessage() if only a TranslatableString message was provided.

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ISIS-928: adding missing license files (per RAT tool).

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ISIS-1043: get/set parameters on ExecutionContext

Factored out ExecutionParameters and a supporting ExecutionParametersService to make pluggable

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ISIS-903: can now write to .pot and read from .po file

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ISIS-903: refactoring TranslationService so can write out .pot file...

... with msgid_plural if required.

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ISIS-903: plural unit tests for PoReader now passing

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ISIS-903: fixing bug introduced on minor improvement to CssClassFa facet

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ISIS-903: refactoring in the direction of also reading .po files

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ISIS-903: TranslationService, LocaleProvider, TrString class,


- deprecated a bunch of old *Event files in the applib, for wrapper factory only.

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ISIS-953: enhancements to FixtureScript.ExecutionContext


- refactoring the todoapp and simpleapp to use FixtureScripts, lookup(...), and using composite fixtures.

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ISIS-943: Make ObjectContracts more resilient

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ISIS-872: update pom.xml ref latest Apache parent; missing license headers

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ISIS-921: disabling safe semantics checking, and converting Command2 to use a stack.

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ISIS-884: to avoid possibility of XSS attachs, removing use of setEscapeModelStrings(false) anywhere that the content is dynamic (error messages etc).

Also, for JGrowl based messages, also explicitly calling Wicket's Strings.escapeHtml (the same underlying method that the default escaping does).

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ISIS-833: completing the reorg of services into modules.

devutils and settings.

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ISIS-833: moved applib services into own modules, rationalized most of the applib/runtime modules

(full details are on the corresponding JIRA,, along with draft text for aiding migratio when prepare release notes).

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ISIS-776: tracing occur as execution of fixtures progresses...

... rather than dumped out at end.

NB: previous commit was incorrectly associated with ISIS-716, should have been with ISIS-776.

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ISIS-645: fixing localization issue for XmlSnapshotService

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ISIS-695: fixing missing license headers

- also reinstating cron job for example app, accidentally removed

- moving hsqldb to 2.3.1, since 2.3.2 seems to be a bust

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ISIS-684: renamed ReifiableAction to Command


- @Reified to @Command

- ReifiedActionContext to CommandContext

- ReifiedActionService to CommandService

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ISIS-671, ISIS-672: renames, also @Reified annotation


- @Reified annotation and facet


- renamed InteractionContext to ReifiableActionContext

- renamed InteractionService to ReifiableActionService

- corresponding renames for JDO impls.

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ISIS-657,ISIS-660,ISIS-661,ISIS-662,ISIS-663,ISIS-667,ISIS-668,ISIS-670: JDO services


- appsettings / usersettings entities also now use "Isis" as prefix to table names


- renamed InteractionFactory to InteractionService

- renamed InteractionRepository to InteractionServiceJdoRepository

- InteractionDefault and InteractionJdo now have a next() method, to create sequences of numbers

(as used to generate the PKs for PublishedEventJdo and BackgroundTaskJdo, see below)

- Interaction#startedAt renamed to Interaction#timestamp (and #startedAt now a derived property)

- Interaction now defines a #transactionId property

- IsisTransaction now picks up its transactionId from passed-in Interaction object (if available)

- and defers to Interaction for generation of next pub/sub event sequence if it can (else previous behaviour)

- IsisTransaction#guidId renamed to #transactionId

ISIS-661: (background service mementos, background task service)

- renamed BackgroundTaskContributions to BackgroundTaskServiceJdoContributions

- renamed BackgroundTaskRepository to BackgroundTaskServiceJdoRepository

ISIS-662: published events contributions

- renamed PublishedEventRepository to PublishingServiceJdoRepository

- renamed PublishedEventContributions to PublishingServiceJdoContributions

ISIS-663: audit entry contributions

- rename AuditEntryCountributions to AuditingServiceJdoContributions

- rename AuditEntryRepository to AuditingServiceJdoRepository


- added JdoColumnLength as central location for standard column lengths of JDO entities

- renamed AuditEntry to AuditEntryJdo

- renamed PublishedEvent to PublishedEventJdo

- changed PK for PublishedEventJdo entity to be application-defined: (transactionId,sequence)

- change to datatype of some PublishedEventJDO entities

- changed PK for BackgroundTaskJdo entity to be application-defined: (transactionId,sequence)

- factored out Util class for JDO entities

- renamed UserSettingPrimaryKey to UserSettingJdoPK


- improvements to ServicesInstallerFromConfiguration

- improved formatting of in the todo app & simple app


- removed AuditingService, AuditingService2 APIs

- introduced replacement AuditingService3 API

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ISIS-654: changes to QueryResultsCache API

get(), additional overloads, make Key and Value nested static classes public

In addition, improved toString() for logging.

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ISIS-654: take-on of QueryResultsCache

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ISIS-599: config property to enable logging in exception recognizers

Thus, if "" set to true,

then a stack trace of any recognized exceptions will be logged.

If the exception is NOT recognized, then no stack trace is logged; the

assumption is that if none of the recognizers recognize the exception,

then it will bubble up and its stack trace be logged anyway as a

unexpected exception.

In addition:

- simplified the ExceptionRecognizer hierarchy

- made ExceptionRecognizers be init/shutdown via @PostConstruct methods etc

(to read the configuration)

- updated the example files for the archetypes.

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ISIS-592, ISIS-593: new ViewModelSupport service; change pkg for XmlSnapshotService


- updated for both services in the example apps (for the archetypes)

- remove dummy action from ToDoItem, accidentally left in

- new ViewModelSupport service in applib and corresponding

ViewModelSupportDefault impl in oai.core.runtime

- XmlSnapshotServiceDefault moved

from oai.core.runtime.snapshot



  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
ISIS-592: XmlSnapshotService

added to applib; core XmlSnapshot refactored to implement.

  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
ISIS-579: support range queries in JDO

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.