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ISIS-1742: deletes unused supporting classes for old PublishingService: EventMetadata, EventType, PublishedEventStateType, StateMessageMessagetType

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ISIS-1291: partially reverting the introduction of a SequenceName... no need after all to add to EventMetadata, because there is only one reason for subactions to occur. Also moved the SequenceName enum out from EventMetadata and into Command interface.

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ISIS-1291: introduce enum for sequenceName (for newEventMetadata); minor moving around of methods/extract methods refactoring of newEventMetadata within IsisTransaction.

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ISIS-1372: extending EventMetadata with a sequenceName, in preparation to CommandMementoService creating different sequences of events (published event, wrapped event, background commands).

Also updated javadoc for Command, and created a constant "(edit)" which is the value of Command#getTargetAction() for property edits.

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ISIS-406: adding missing license headers

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ISIS-377: added EventType to EventMetadata; renamed "ChangedObject..." to "ObjectChanged..."

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ISIS-377: impl of service, added title prop to EventMetadata, IsisTransaction now flushes twice ...

... before and after delegating to publishing service

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ISIS-367: EventMetadata provides id; commented out entries for github pub service in example

* EventMetadata#getGuid renamed to EventMetadata#getTransactionId

* EventMetadata#getSequence added

* EventMetadata#getId added

* added commented out entries for example configuration of using github-hosted pubsub service for ActiveMQ/RA.

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