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ISIS-1827 remove guava from ExceptionRecognizer implementation

provide legacy variants to ease transition from 1.x to 2.0:

* ExceptionRecognizerAbstractLegacy

* ExceptionRecognizerForTypeLegacy

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ISIS-1827 RepositoryService: split out deprecated methods

With Isis 2.0 we'll break backward compatibility with

To ease transition from Isis 1.x to 2.x for users, we'll provide a new as a drop-in

replacement, that preserves deprecated usage.

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ISIS-1827 cleanup public API java-doc in RepositoryService

in preparation of removing guava predicate versions of allMatches and


ISIS-1827 refactoring out some guava predicate usages yet without breaking API

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ISIS-1802: adds guard against null returned when submit query; also deprecates RepositoryService#firstMatch

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ISIS-1733: updates RepositoryService and its framework implementation so that persist and persistAndFlush are now generic and return the supplied object ... allow for more fluent coding style

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ISIS-1685: adds missing for applib

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ISIS-1392: Extend RepositoryService with persistAndFlush(...) and removeAndFlush(...) methods

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ISIS-1228: add RepositoryService#instantiate(...) as a convenience method.

Also refactor the simpleapp to use the new services.

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ISIS-1228: breaking out new domain services from DomainObjectContainer.

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