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ISIS-1679 applib: move dto classes into new package

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ISIS-1841 refactoring switch statements

such that unmatched cases always throw an exception (internal error)

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ISIS-1792: adds DtoMappingHelper domain service

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ISIS-1685: adds missing for applib

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ISIS-1674: updates documentation to reference helloworld archetype where necessary.

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ISIS-1427: consolidating to only necessary calls to IsisContext#getIsisSessionFactory; also fully qualify @Inject (as either javax or throughout.

The rationale is to use dependency injection where possible, and where have all code that requires components to do so through IsisContext#getIsisSessionFactory (and nowhere else).

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ISIS-1313: adding missing fa- icon for Dto mixin action.

Merge branch 'master' into ISIS-993

# Conflicts:

# core/applib/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/applib/services/dto/

# core/applib/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/applib/services/jaxb/

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ISIS-1314: adding @ParameterLayout to the DTO mixin (download) actions.

ISIS-993: more on the layout service, ability to download a zip of all layouts

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ISIS-1243: fixing the generic type for applib mixins (no functional impact)

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ISIS-1259: ignore parent outer class name when inferring name of property/parameter etc from type.

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ISIS-1250: expose IsisSchemas (ignore/include) in the downloadXsd UI.

ISIS-1250: custom MessageBodyWriter for x-ro-domain-type Accept requests; remove the configuration option for ignoring/including Isis common schemas; move Dto role interface to own package; updating docs

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