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ISIS-475: dynamic layouts from JSON

- new LayoutMetadataReader interface

- new impls for properties and for json

- new classes representing LayoutMetadata (serializable to JSON)

- FacetedMethodsBuilder now uses the new LayoutMetadataReader interface

- searches for json impl, then properties impl

- utility classes/methods (ObjectAssociations, ObjectSpecifications, EntityActionUtil.memberOrderOf) moved from viewer-wicket to core-metamodel

- example layout for ToDoItem converted to *.isis.json

- DeveloperUtilitiesService allows ability to download layout

- factored out MemberOrderFacetComparator from MemberOrderComparator, so can reuse.


- ArrayUtils and ArrayUtil classes removed

- combined Resources utility class with ResourceUtil utility class, unused methods removed

- unused methods in PropertyUtil removed


- little bit of CSS cosmetic change in table td left borders

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ISIS-468, ISIS-469, ISIS-470: dynamic layout of members

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ISIS-468: can suppress collections, can read from property file

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ISIS-446, ISIS-441: enhancements to ToDoItem class

- adding DeveloperUtilities to example

- using ObjectContracts in ToDoItem

- fixed issue whereby couldn't use isXxx() methods; now can.

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