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ISIS-2259: moves isis-applib and isis-schema to ../api directory

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ISIS-2158: moving BackgroundService (API) and co-workers to 'legacy'

- obsolete since latest WrapperFactory.async(...)

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ISIS-2158: wrapper: extend async programming model to also match method references that don't return a value (like Runnable)

- BackgroundService seems now obsolete, need to check whether it can be


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batch update source format:

- Add missing '@Override' annotations

- Correct indentation

- Add file header (JAutodoc)

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ISIS-2125 remove the CountDownLatch from Isis' Transaction API

- instead let the IsisTransactionAspectSupport allow for task

synchronization on transactions

- fixes the basic BackgroundService smoke-test

- however, action-domain-events are not yet triggered when invoking via


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ISIS-2125 batch-update license headers for *.java files

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ISIS-2094 java-doc: consolidates all @since 2.** entries -> @since 2.0

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ISIS-2112: trouble-shooting: adds some fixes, some debug code


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ISIS-2112: let built-in @DomainService classes be managed by Spring

- also cleaning up ugly code in BackgroundServiceDefault


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ISIS-2033: makes 'SpecificationLoader' an interface

- cleans up the SpecificationLoader implementation a bit

- adds some initial command service infrastructure to 'incubator'


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ISIS-1841 automated source cleanup

Add missing '@Override' annotations

Remove trailing white spaces on all lines

Correct indentation

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ISIS-1960: applib: remove BackgroundService2 and BackgroundCommandService2


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ISIS-1742: removes ActionInvocationMemento, and simplifies BackgroundCommandService. Now use CommandDto. Remove support for legacy persisted commands (beginning "<memento>...")

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ISIS-1685: adds missing for applib

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ISIS-1465: fixes incorrect Javadoc comment for BackgroundService (in applib).

ISIS-1389: further simplifications of the DTO structure

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ISIS-1397: renaming CommandMementoDto to CommandDto (similarly). Also ...


- adding an enum to distinguish cmd for actions vs props

- renaming CommandMementoService to CommandDtoService

- completing its implementation for props

- refactored BackgroundCommandExecution so still handles actions (props still to do).

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ISIS-1374: new BackgroundService2 API to be able to schedule explicitly mixin actions. Necessary changes to BackgroundCommandExcecution (not as many as expected, actually; has simplified).

Also, able to remove mixinFqClassName from cmd-1.0.xsd.

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ISIS-1291: small fixes while manually testing command module.


- fixing aim-2.0.xsd and cmd-1.0.xsd to have an @XmlRootElement

- simplifying cmd-1.0.xsd

- saving result and exception - after all - for commands executed in background

- fixing bug (missing @Inject) for BackgroundService

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ISIS-1291: memento xsd schemas + utils; new command memento DTO for Command#memento, updated background service, background execution; new PublisherService


- deleted aim-1.0.xsd, added in aim-2.0.xsd, also cmd-1.0.xsd and updated common-1.0.xsd.

- Updated ActionMementoDtoUtils new CommandMementoDtoUtils and CommandDtoUtils

- moved CommandMementoService to internal SPI, added asCommandMemento, depends on ObjectAction (in order to handle mixin types) and also works on lists of objects (for bulk command/actions)

- ActionInvocationFacet populates the Command#setMemento using CommandMementoDto (legacy behaviour preserved)

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ISIS-1291: whitespace/comments only

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ISIS-1154: adding parameter names/types to PublishingService's EventMetadata and also ActionDomainEvent.

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ISIS-839: core, updates to comments only for isis-module-background

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ISIS-833: moved applib services into own modules, rationalized most of the applib/runtime modules

(full details are on the corresponding JIRA,, along with draft text for aiding migratio when prepare release notes).

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ISIS-667,ISIS-684,ISIS-685: async commands, tidy-up


- rename BackgroundActionService to BackgroundCommandService


- memberIdentifier, targetClass, targetAction, targetStr consistent across PublishedEventJdo, AuditEntryJdo, CommandJdo


- @Command annotation extended, with persistence() and executeIn() attributes

- corresponding updates to CommandFacet

- Command#executor and Command#executedIn keep track of whether being run by user or background

- ActionInvocationFacetViaMethod new logic, short-circuits execution if executor = user but executedIn = background,

and return the command instead (if persistable)

- CommandService API extended to allow callers to request persistence of Command early

(as used by ActionInvocationFacetViaMethod)

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ISIS-684: renamed ReifiableAction to Command


- @Reified to @Command

- ReifiedActionContext to CommandContext

- ReifiedActionService to CommandService

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ISIS-661, ISIS-672, ISIS-673: execute background actions via quartz


* new AbstractIsisSessionTemplate, similar to Spring's JdbcTemplate etc classes, as an arbitrary 'runnable' against Isis


* BackgroundActionExecution

- using above AbstractIsisSessionTemplate


* example usage in todo app, with BackgroundActionExecutionQuartzJob

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ISIS-672: introducing quartz scheduler job to todo app

Refactorings in support of:

* removed ReifiableAction#sequence property

* removed the ReifiableActionPK class (since pk is no longer composite)

* renamed BackgroundTaskService to BackgroundActionService

ditto for *Contributions and *Repository

* increased length of ReifiableActionJdo#exception property

* added BackgroundActionServiceJdoContributions#siblingActions

* removed IsisTransaction#publishedEventSequence field, instead require that PublishingServiceJdo also has a ReifiableActionContext configured

- ie force the generation of sequence # to be done by ReifiableActionContext

* new BackgroundService#newActionInvocationMemento to hide details of how the mementoservice is used by BackgroundServiceDefault

Quartz scheduler suport:

* AbstractIsisJob

* quartz servlet config in ToDo app

* example BackgroundActionExecutionJob

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ISIS-672: making ReifiableActionJdo same shape as BackgroundTaskJdo

as a prereq to merging the two.

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ISIS-671, ISIS-672: renames, also @Reified annotation


- @Reified annotation and facet


- renamed InteractionContext to ReifiableActionContext

- renamed InteractionService to ReifiableActionService

- corresponding renames for JDO impls.

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