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ISIS-1841 move deprecated classes from applib to applib-legacy

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ISIS-1291: removed InstallerLookupAware and other unused code, simplified InstallerLookup and removed


- AboutIsis, ComponentDetails, IsisInstallerRegistry, InstallerVersion, OptionHandlerDiagnostics, OptionHandlerVersion


- renamed PersistenceSessionInternal back to PersistenceSession, to avoid unnecessary breakage (this class isn't an internal domain service, anyway)

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ISIS-1129: new SudoService

- SudoService and implementation in runtime

- updates to DomainObjectContainerDefault

- deprecate SwitchUserService.

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ISIS-802: removing UserProfileStore, Perspective, Options. Localization reverted to using the server default (since was only ever populated in Scimpi, and there are other JIRA issues already raised to implement client-side i18n).

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ISIS-188: moving framework/ subdirs up to parent

* also tidied up STATUS, and removed the incubator DISCLAIMER

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