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ISIS-1014 Set the OK button as default one for ActionParametersForm (modal prompt form) for better IE support

ISIS-1014 Use isisFadeInVeil() instead of isisShowVeil(). This way there is no need to click twice on "OK" button in modal windows

ISIS-1014 Use different solution for vertical centering. It seems it makes dragging a bit faster but still there is an issue with dragging

ISIS-1014 Make it possible to drag the modal window. The whole window is a target for dragging.

The cursor should be inside the modal window when dragend event occurs because otherwise the window is closed.

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ISIS-1014 Vertically centered modal prompt

ISIS-1014 Do not use fadeIn effect to show the modal prompt

ISIS-1012: in select2 choices, only use IConverter for value types, but continue to use titleString() for reference types (ie domain objects).

ISIS-987 Make IsisSignInPanel easier to be extended

Add a helper method to lookup a domain service to PanelAbstract

ISIS-1016 Make it possible to use brand logo instead of plain text in the header

Additionally mark applicationCss and applicationJs optional because they are not really required.

ISIS-1012 ISIS-1015 Update the TODO

ISIS-1012 Use the current user session locale for the converter in Select2 text provider

ISIS-1012 Preserve the datePattern for DateConverterForJavaSqlTimestamp. It could be used as a fallback

ISIS-1012 Use BigDecimalConverterWithScale for view mode when rendering JavaMathBigDecimalPanel in compact mode and in Select2 (via IsisConverterLocator)

ISIS-1012 Add support for BigInteger in IsisConverterLocator

ISIS-1012 Add support in IsisConverterLocator for BigDecimal type

ISIS-1012 Introduce IsisConverterLocator - a locator for the best IConverter for ObjectAdapters

Deprecate WicketViewerSettings#getDatePickerPattern(). Instead each converter should use either #getDatePattern() or #getDateTimePattern() depending on its type

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ISIS-1012 Fix the rendering of Timestamp scalar panel. It should use the timestamp pattern only

ISIS-1012 Remove unused member variable

ISIS-1012 Use the IConverter not only for the regular mode but also for the compact mode of date/time scalar panels

ISIS-1012 Update bootstrap-datetimepicker to v4(final) and momentjs to 2.9.0

ISIS-987 Extract a Wicket specific service for generating urls for email verification

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ISIS-987 Change UserRegistrationService#registerUser() to accept UserDetails as a single parameter

Implementations of the service may extend UserDetails if custom fields are needed

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ISIS-987 Make RegisterPage easier to extend and customize

ISIS-1010 Use Wicket APIs to check whether there is a signed in user or not

ISIS-1010 Skip sign in page if there is a user session and go directly to the home page instead

ISIS-1008 Make it possible to stream Lob responses in/after Ajax response

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ISIS-537 Use the IConverter that is used to render numeric data in regular mode to render the compact mode too.

This way the floating point types are rendered with the specified precision and scale in compact mode as well.

ISIS-537: check for 'window' object before trying to check whether to check for DOM element's special 'noVeil' CSS class

ISIS-990: making error page more robust... hide menu bars and avoid calling UserProfileService if on the error page.

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