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ISIS-537 Use text-align: left; because IE doesn't support 'start'

ISIS-1027: marking facet classes as deprecated; some minor incidental tidy-up

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ISIS-1011 Filter list of ObjectAdapterMementos against a String term by using their titleString()

ISIS-690: tiny tweaks to the UI

ISIS-1025: support different logo URLs for signin page vs header page.

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ISIS-1025: fixing merge issues, also reworking todoapp logos.

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Squashed commit of the following:

commit 9558b81e09094913f6df4fc0669980dfbdd58ff6

Author: Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <>

Date: Tue Feb 3 15:17:06 2015 +0200

ISIS-1025 Preserve the special|footer) request parameters when creating urls for other entities or for redirect

This way once loaded a page in embedded mode the user can navigate around without showing the header and footer at all.

commit 7eb54528e75f9e7bcdff5857d08b86f98f76c612

Author: Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <>

Date: Mon Feb 2 23:41:55 2015 +0200

ISIS-1025 Preserve the passed request parameters to AboutPage and HomePage

commit f9e914b01a7ebe2e517efa2d7f5bfcdd6fdf3af0

Author: Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <>

Date: Mon Feb 2 15:11:33 2015 +0200

ISIS-1025 Move the Bootstrap specific markup for header and footer to the default panels

This way custom headers/footers can use totally custom markup

commit 524d4ccb32b4ed4436d54e2b1f6afd152f286aa3

Author: Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <>

Date: Mon Feb 2 14:41:49 2015 +0200

ISIS-1025 Add ComponentTypes for header and footer

This way an application can provide its own impls for those, or just custom markup if needed

commit b5c799f48b1d75a0e1b4467de489ce97ad296c9d

Author: Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <>

Date: Mon Feb 2 14:40:44 2015 +0200

ISIS-1025 Rename PanelAbstract#getService() to lookupService() to be consistent with PageAbstract

Rename the type parameter <T> to <S> to not clash with PanelAbstract's type parameter

commit 61ea04b63d76a3d1cb95b45b1e91713311ebd856

Author: Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <>

Date: Mon Feb 2 13:44:45 2015 +0200

ISIS-1025 Manually set the CSS class name for tertiary menu because it has a special item for the user name

commit cc93ef16b67b14a27151115bc056848dde5bd1b2

Author: Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <>

Date: Mon Feb 2 11:46:37 2015 +0200

ISIS-1025 Make it possible to hide the header by using request parameter named ""

Add the name of the menu bar type (primary, secondaty, tertiary) as a CSS class to the generated markup

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ISIS-1016 Show the brand logo also on account management pages (sign in, sign up, password reset, etc.)

ISIS-1014 Make draggable only .modal-dialog, not the whole .modal. Now dragging is fast!

ISIS-1014 Set the OK button as default one for ActionParametersForm (modal prompt form) for better IE support

ISIS-1014 Use isisFadeInVeil() instead of isisShowVeil(). This way there is no need to click twice on "OK" button in modal windows

ISIS-1014 Use different solution for vertical centering. It seems it makes dragging a bit faster but still there is an issue with dragging

ISIS-1014 Make it possible to drag the modal window. The whole window is a target for dragging.

The cursor should be inside the modal window when dragend event occurs because otherwise the window is closed.

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ISIS-1014 Vertically centered modal prompt

ISIS-1014 Do not use fadeIn effect to show the modal prompt

ISIS-1012: in select2 choices, only use IConverter for value types, but continue to use titleString() for reference types (ie domain objects).

ISIS-987 Make IsisSignInPanel easier to be extended

Add a helper method to lookup a domain service to PanelAbstract

ISIS-1016 Make it possible to use brand logo instead of plain text in the header

Additionally mark applicationCss and applicationJs optional because they are not really required.

ISIS-1012 ISIS-1015 Update the TODO

ISIS-1012 Use the current user session locale for the converter in Select2 text provider

ISIS-1012 Preserve the datePattern for DateConverterForJavaSqlTimestamp. It could be used as a fallback

ISIS-1012 Use BigDecimalConverterWithScale for view mode when rendering JavaMathBigDecimalPanel in compact mode and in Select2 (via IsisConverterLocator)

ISIS-1012 Add support for BigInteger in IsisConverterLocator

ISIS-1012 Add support in IsisConverterLocator for BigDecimal type

ISIS-1012 Introduce IsisConverterLocator - a locator for the best IConverter for ObjectAdapters

Deprecate WicketViewerSettings#getDatePickerPattern(). Instead each converter should use either #getDatePattern() or #getDateTimePattern() depending on its type

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ISIS-1012 Fix the rendering of Timestamp scalar panel. It should use the timestamp pattern only

ISIS-1012 Remove unused member variable

ISIS-1012 Use the IConverter not only for the regular mode but also for the compact mode of date/time scalar panels

ISIS-1012 Update bootstrap-datetimepicker to v4(final) and momentjs to 2.9.0