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ISIS-770: use non-proxying API of wicket-guice / wicket-ioc

... and ensure that all injected components are intrinsically serializable.

In addition, have moved cglib-nodep and asm to be localized to bytecode-cglib and wrapper, these being the only remaining components that have a dependency on these libraries.

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ISIS-731: fix for bulk actions

Take a copy of the action model that generates the standalone collection.

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ISIS-596: deleted objects removed from bookmark pages and breadcrumbs.

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ISIS-472: limit number of bookmarked pages

property: isis.viewer.wicket.bookmarkedPages.maxSize to configure (default is 15)


- made the sliding panel a little wider (500px instead of 300px)

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ISIS-726, ISIS-727: unified commands/auditing.

In addition


- minor enhancement to ObjectContracts for sorting.

- new IterableExtensions.fold and Closure class

- raise logging levels for some of the noisier Isis classes during bootstrapping

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ISIS-706: blob vs clob handling, also w.r.t. bulk actions


- blob vs clob, use same API so far as possible (differ only in IResourceStream impl)


- use ActionResultResponseHandlingStrategy for dealing with lastReturnedAdapter


- consistenct in config of LinkAndLabel (for the 'noVeil' CSS class workaround for actions returning blob/clob)


- new convenience methods on this enum


- added checks that the parameter count must be 0, and must not return a Blob/Clob

- the parameter check is here because removed from...


- no longer requires that action has zero params

- doing so was causing bulk facet to not be installed on contributed actions

- in any case, when bulk actions with params are eventually supported, would need to remove anyway

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ISIS-695: removing refs to wicket extensions from example apps


- removing references to extensions in the todo app


- removing references to extensions in the simple app



- reinstating method that had been removed from EntityModel (breaking one of the github extensions)

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ISIS-695: fixing missing license headers

- also reinstating cron job for example app, accidentally removed

- moving hsqldb to 2.3.1, since 2.3.2 seems to be a bust

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ISIS-691: improved null handling for drop-down lists

- for entity refs, if null, shouldn't default to showing the first in list

- for values (enums), should be able to set to null (in list, the blank line)

- get rid of clear link for entity refs, instead set by choosing from list, same as the value drop-down

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ISIS-651: fixing NPE in ActionMemento and similar

Also: forcing invalidation of Isis ObjectSpec in EntityPage (else the UI is rendered w.r.t old Isis metadata)

Not exactly sure why either of these are problems. For the latter, certainly, it seems that the IsisJRebelPlugin invalidates the

cache correctly, but it isn't picked up. It would seem that the Wicket viewer is holding the ActionMemento, PropertyMemento and CollecitonMemento in-memory?


- adding maxPermSize to launch config for simple app.

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ISIS-665: auto-escalate application exceptions to fatal exceptions

In addition:

- added RecoverableException, NonRecoverableException, FatalException into the hierarchy

- RecoverableException is synonym for ApplicationException (immediate supertype)

- NonRecoverableException is synonym for FatalException (immediate supertype_

- basically any other runtime exception thrown by the app

extended ToDoItem to demonstrate usage.

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ISIS-661, also fixes for ISIS-660,ISIS-658,ISIS-624.

ISIS-661: BackgroundTaskService

- with JDO implementation

ISIS-660: refinements to Interaction context

- and rename Transactional to HasTransactionId

- introduce non-API for MementoServiceDefault to switch off encoding

ISIS-658: fix length for timestamp panel, show milliseconds

- and extend WicketViewerSettings, to have a timestamp setting property

ISIS-624: fix for @Digits, honour scale when *not* annotated with @Column

In addition:

- fix for wicket viewer, show @Prototype actions if associated with properties

(ie as additional links)

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ISIS-592,ISIS-593,ISIS-640,ISIS-659,ISIS-660: renaming...

... ViewModelSupport to MementoService

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ISIS-486: download blob/clob was broken...

... following the modal action refactor.


* Can't figure out how to get the redirect url to redirect to a new page;

* only supports no-arg actions currently.

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ISIS-638: copy link correct when page rendered.

When render a new entity (eg from following a link), then automatically set

up the URL of that entity into the zclip copy link.

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ISIS-618: bookmarked actions were broken...

post previous refactoring, the PageParameters held in the BookmarkTreeNode

were incomplete for action prompts (issue ultimately primarily to do with

using mounted pages for action prompt)

In addition:

- update to todo app, new 'categorized' action.

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ISIS-642: added breadcrumb panel

In addition:

- moved BookmarkedPagedModelProvider from applicaiton (which has global scope) to session (per user)

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ISIS-638: fixing order that hints are applied...

... and some refactoring to centre responsibility for setting page/sort hints in the dataTable.

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
ISIS-638: clipboard panel now subscribes for itself...

... rather than relying on the EntityIconAndTitlePanel.

This latter now strips off any UI hints.

In addition:

* any out-of-range or non-parseable/invalid hints are ignored.

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
ISIS-638: ui hints and clipboard behaviour

Now captures view selection/page number/sorting for tables

New stuff:

* UiHintContainer (implemented by EntityModel)

* overrides of the various AjaxPaging widgets to send UiSetHint to owning page

* broadcast of UiHintEvents to all children

* subscription of hint events by EntityIconAndTitlePanel

* ZipClipboardLink, copy href from EntityIconAndTitlePanel

Also updated the archetypes web.xmls

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ISIS-634: drop downs honour @TypicalLength

and enums' implementation of TypicalLengthFacet inspects actual length of those enums.

In addition:

- fixed a failing couple of tests in core.

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ISIS-620: fixed bookmark pages so holds oids without versions

so cannot accidentally trigger a concurrency exception

Also updated to EntityPropertiesForm so that a concurrency exception,

when detected, is correctly rendered (by setting the response page to

the entity page for redisplay in this case)

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ISIS-486: fixing defaults and focus handling

If open up an action prompt, then cancel, then open up

again, then any defaults for the action parameters were

not being setup second time around.

In addition:

* use Wicket API to set focus on first param, rather than JQuery hack

* minor tweaks to CSS so can see when an OK or Cancel button has focus

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ISIS-486: action prompts shown in modal dialog.

... now the default, unless disabled using "isis.viewer.wicket.disableModalDialogs" property.

  1. … 33 more files in changeset.
ISI-486: using ModalWindow

... not yet complete, so disabled unless switched on using

'isis.viewer.wicket.enableModalDialogs' flag.

In addition, added missing bus logic to example ToDoItem.

  1. … 29 more files in changeset.
ISIS-618: value and void returns now also delegate to separate pages

... ie VoidReturnPage and ValuePage.

ActionPage renamed to ActoinPromptPage.

In addition, the logic in StandaloneValuePanel, handling blobs vs clobs vs urls,

is now moved earlier into ActionPromptPage.

Also, got rid of ActionPage.SingleResultMode, since no need to render results inline.

Also, removed (partially implemented) support for the rendering of transient objects;

will fail fast. (Previously Wicket viewer would render the object, but didn't

provide a save button. So clearly this feature isn't being used).

Also: added some hackery to BookmarkPagesModel, to protect against earlier failures

corrupting the rootNodeList (preventing any subsequent ability to use the app).

  1. … 28 more files in changeset.
ISIS-618: standalone collections now rendered in own page...

... rather than inlined as part of the action page.


- renamed ActionPage to ActionPromptPage (because that is what it's responsibilities will ultimately be)

  1. … 25 more files in changeset.
ISIS-612: suppress veil for object actions.

In addition:

- some minor tidy-up of misc classes (no functional changes).

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
ISIS-608, ISIS-609: showing collection counts, suppress actions.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
ISIS-594,ISIS-589: simplified URLs; method rename for CSS bundling

Specifically, for ISIS-594:

- IsisWicketApplication, mount pages using mount(...) method

- PageParameterNames, removed ACTION_MODE, PAGE_TITLE, PAGE_TYPE

- BookmarkableModel (as implemented by ActionModel and EntityModel)

- extended to define getTitle() - since no longer in PageParameters

- no longer caches page parameters, since caching of title done in subclasses

- rename asPageParameters() to getPageParameters(), made abstract

- ActionModel now infers pageType, actionMode, pageTitle (caches title);

also the page parameter's Oid when called in getPageParameters() - as used for bookmarks -

no longer holds the version (there's no need for bookmarks);

also creates with INLINE vs REDIRECT mode (since bookmarkable actions have safe action semantics)

- EntityModel now infers pageType, pageTitle

- BookmarkTreeNode refactored significantly:

- holds bookmarkableModel as field rather than pageParameters

- infers pageType from runtime type of provided BookmarkableModel

- now caches title, updateable on matching as previously

- does matching simply on pageParameters (was able to remove the hack

whereby pageTitle in page parameters had to be temporarily removed,

since that is no longer a parameter name at all)

- BookmarkTreeNodeComparator refactored a little:

- order by pageType (as previously), then class name (for both actions as well as entities), then the title

- BookmarkedPagesModel simplified

- removed isValidParameters() check, since those parameter names (page title, page type) have now gone

- #titleFrom helper also removed, no longer called

- BookmarkedPagesPanel now gets page type and page title from the BookmarkedPagesModel,

rather than the page parameters

- ActionLinkPanel, AppActionsCssMenuLinkFactory updated w.r.t getPageParameters() call etc

- PageAbstract constructor now takes a title, since no longer passed as a page parameter

- EntityPage and ActionPage provide a title

- remaining do not, defaults to application name

for ISIS-589:

- renamed ComponentFactory#getCssResourceReferences to #getCssResourceReference,

because only ever returns a single object

(in an earlier version of the impl, this method returned a list)

- removed CollectionContentsAsSummary from bundle, trying to get its CSS image url to work

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.