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ISIS-930: support for font awesome icons on (most) action buttons. Includes @CssClassFa and also support in the .layout.json file.

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ISIS-537 Introduce EntityIconTitleAndCopyLinkPanel - an extension of EntityIconAndTitlePanel + copyLink

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ISIS-537 Bootstrapify the bookmarks sliding menu

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ISIS-537 Use Wicket-Bootstrap's Modal instead of ModalWindow

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ISIS-883, ISIS-885, ISIS-846: prevent user circumventing security by hacking a URL.

for (bookmarked actions), check business rules on execution, throw new ObjectMember.AuthorizationException if fails visibility or usability checks

for entities, if paste in URL, check user has permissions to at least one property or collection, throw AuthorizationException otherwise

for entities, if cannot load object, throw AuthorizationException (avoid disclosing whether the object exists or not)

for error page, if receive AuthorizationException then suppress the stack trace to avoid leaking information to possible attacker

in addition:

- for example todoapp, simplified

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ISIS-837: remove guard which prevents flushing of properties that have NotPersistedFacet.class

(eg annotated with javax.jdo.annotations.NotPersistent)

ISIS-835: fixed NPE, drop down for strings now ok for actions...

... though still has an issue as a property (new value is just ignored).

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ISIS-831: digression: moving progmodel/facets into metamodel/facets

... and getting names consistent.

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ISIS-832: deleting old src/site files (defunct since now using ASF CMS).

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ISIS-800: improvements to the wizard

... sorted out that issue with drop-down choices not being disabled (was a bug in ValueSelect2ChoicesPanel, not in EntityPropertiesForm itself)


- extended the ToDoItemWizard to demonstrate

- refactored/improved/better documented the Wicket viewer's use of the Wicket event bus (even though it turns out that I didn't need to use it in order to fix the issue...).

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ISIS-781: utility class for wicket (currently unused)

ISIS-781: cosmetic refactorings/reformattings

no functional changes.

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ISIS-781: editable view models via ViewModel.Cloneable interface.

For those view models that implement Cloneable the wicket viewer is able to simulate editable objects by replacing the adapter memento held within the EntityModel with a new one created by cloning the mutated state of the initial view model.

Demonstrated using a new ToDoItemWizard in the todo (quickstart) app.

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ISIS-770: use non-proxying API of wicket-guice / wicket-ioc

... and ensure that all injected components are intrinsically serializable.

In addition, have moved cglib-nodep and asm to be localized to bytecode-cglib and wrapper, these being the only remaining components that have a dependency on these libraries.

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ISIS-731: fix for bulk actions

Take a copy of the action model that generates the standalone collection.

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ISIS-596: deleted objects removed from bookmark pages and breadcrumbs.

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ISIS-472: limit number of bookmarked pages

property: isis.viewer.wicket.bookmarkedPages.maxSize to configure (default is 15)


- made the sliding panel a little wider (500px instead of 300px)

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ISIS-726, ISIS-727: unified commands/auditing.

In addition


- minor enhancement to ObjectContracts for sorting.

- new IterableExtensions.fold and Closure class

- raise logging levels for some of the noisier Isis classes during bootstrapping

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ISIS-706: blob vs clob handling, also w.r.t. bulk actions


- blob vs clob, use same API so far as possible (differ only in IResourceStream impl)


- use ActionResultResponseHandlingStrategy for dealing with lastReturnedAdapter


- consistenct in config of LinkAndLabel (for the 'noVeil' CSS class workaround for actions returning blob/clob)


- new convenience methods on this enum


- added checks that the parameter count must be 0, and must not return a Blob/Clob

- the parameter check is here because removed from...


- no longer requires that action has zero params

- doing so was causing bulk facet to not be installed on contributed actions

- in any case, when bulk actions with params are eventually supported, would need to remove anyway

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ISIS-695: removing refs to wicket extensions from example apps


- removing references to extensions in the todo app


- removing references to extensions in the simple app



- reinstating method that had been removed from EntityModel (breaking one of the github extensions)

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ISIS-695: fixing missing license headers

- also reinstating cron job for example app, accidentally removed

- moving hsqldb to 2.3.1, since 2.3.2 seems to be a bust

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ISIS-691: improved null handling for drop-down lists

- for entity refs, if null, shouldn't default to showing the first in list

- for values (enums), should be able to set to null (in list, the blank line)

- get rid of clear link for entity refs, instead set by choosing from list, same as the value drop-down

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ISIS-651: fixing NPE in ActionMemento and similar

Also: forcing invalidation of Isis ObjectSpec in EntityPage (else the UI is rendered w.r.t old Isis metadata)

Not exactly sure why either of these are problems. For the latter, certainly, it seems that the IsisJRebelPlugin invalidates the

cache correctly, but it isn't picked up. It would seem that the Wicket viewer is holding the ActionMemento, PropertyMemento and CollecitonMemento in-memory?


- adding maxPermSize to launch config for simple app.

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ISIS-665: auto-escalate application exceptions to fatal exceptions

In addition:

- added RecoverableException, NonRecoverableException, FatalException into the hierarchy

- RecoverableException is synonym for ApplicationException (immediate supertype)

- NonRecoverableException is synonym for FatalException (immediate supertype_

- basically any other runtime exception thrown by the app

extended ToDoItem to demonstrate usage.

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ISIS-661, also fixes for ISIS-660,ISIS-658,ISIS-624.

ISIS-661: BackgroundTaskService

- with JDO implementation

ISIS-660: refinements to Interaction context

- and rename Transactional to HasTransactionId

- introduce non-API for MementoServiceDefault to switch off encoding

ISIS-658: fix length for timestamp panel, show milliseconds

- and extend WicketViewerSettings, to have a timestamp setting property

ISIS-624: fix for @Digits, honour scale when *not* annotated with @Column

In addition:

- fix for wicket viewer, show @Prototype actions if associated with properties

(ie as additional links)

  1. … 28 more files in changeset.
ISIS-592,ISIS-593,ISIS-640,ISIS-659,ISIS-660: renaming...

... ViewModelSupport to MementoService

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
ISIS-486: download blob/clob was broken...

... following the modal action refactor.


* Can't figure out how to get the redirect url to redirect to a new page;

* only supports no-arg actions currently.

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ISIS-638: copy link correct when page rendered.

When render a new entity (eg from following a link), then automatically set

up the URL of that entity into the zclip copy link.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
ISIS-618: bookmarked actions were broken...

post previous refactoring, the PageParameters held in the BookmarkTreeNode

were incomplete for action prompts (issue ultimately primarily to do with

using mounted pages for action prompt)

In addition:

- update to todo app, new 'categorized' action.

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
ISIS-642: added breadcrumb panel

In addition:

- moved BookmarkedPagedModelProvider from applicaiton (which has global scope) to session (per user)

  1. … 14 more files in changeset.