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ISIS-720: mothballing scimpi

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ISIS-1027: marking facet classes as deprecated; some minor incidental tidy-up

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ISIS-939: simplifying PersistenceSession

- removing PersistenceSession#resolveField (introduce ResolveFieldUtil for scimpi to call), also from the *ObjectStore impls

- remove Persistor interface, instead PersistenceSession everywhere

- remove ToPersistObjectSet interface, instead PersistenceSession everywhere

- remove RecreatedPojoRemapper interface, instead PersistenceSession everywhere

- remove EnlistedObjectDirtying interface, instead PersistenceSession everywhere

- remove ObjectAdapterMemento#getTitleHint() and #captureTitleHintIfPossible()

- re-introduce MessageBroker's #getApplicationError and #setApplicationError

- remove ObjectAdapter#isTitleAvailable() and from PojoAdapter

- removed commented out lines in ResolveState

- simplify PersistenceSession (remove #mapRecreatedPojo, #remapRecreatedPojo)

- introduce PersistenceQueryFactory from PersistenceSession

- PersistenceSession creates IsisTransactionManager in its constructor

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ISIS-939: simplified MessageBroker

- removed the defunct MessageBroker interface (in runtime)

- renamed MessageBrokerDefault to MessageBroker (unextract interface), now in metamodel

- removed #setApplicationError, since no longer used.

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ISIS-939: deleted the UpdateNotifier subcomponent. Not used by any released code, and the same information (and better) is available in the IsisTransaction itself.

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ISIS-802: removing UserProfileStore, Perspective, Options. Localization reverted to using the server default (since was only ever populated in Scimpi, and there are other JIRA issues already raised to implement client-side i18n).

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ISIS-831: digression: moving progmodel/facets into metamodel/facets

... and getting names consistent.

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ISIS-536: thread local as a means of temporarily disabling concurrency checking.

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ISIS-509: tidy-up of Util classes.

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ISIS-503: can now order contributed members

* FacetProcessor extended to be able to request sorting on an individual object member

* introduced new MemberOrderingFacetFactory interface to identify the facet factories that do this work

* ObjectSpecDefault/Abstract now call the FacetProcessor whenever the contributed actions/associations are computed

* ObjectActionContributee, OneToOneAssociationContributee and OneToManyAssociationContributee now have their own copy of FacetHolderImpl (initialized with the facets from the underlying contributed action), so that can sort them without side-effects

* fixed bug such that contributed actions that are associated to contributed associations are also suppressed from the header


* ObjectAction.isAlwaysHidden redefined, only true if never visible anywhere and always

And also:

* renamed ObjectAssociationFilters -> ObjectAssociation.Filters

* renamed ObjectActionFilters -> ObjectAction.Filters

* renamed ObjectActionParameterFilters -> ObjectActionParameter.Filters

And also:

* enhanced ToDoItem to demonstrate this capability

* ToDoItemContributions#next and ToDoItemContributions#previous added

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ISIS-503: refactoring ObjectSpecificationDefault for actions and associations

- simplifying the overloading

- deprecated ObjectActionFilters, converted to ObjectAction.Filters

- deprecated ObjectAssociationFilters, converted to ObjectAssociation.Filters

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ISIS-503: removed ObjectActionSet...

... also

- ActionType.SET

- ObjectAction#getActions()

and some unused utility classes.

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ISIS-210: refactoring contributed actions

- ObjectActionImpl#isContributed removed

- ObjectActionImpl#realTarget and #realParameters similarly removed


- ObjectActionContributee and ObjectActionParameterContributee act as wrappers around underlying ObjectActionImpl

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ISIS-497: contributed associations.

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ISIS-51, ISIS-495: removing dependencies on Apache commons

- commons-lang (except in Scimpi)

- commons-collections

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ISIS-490: switching from log4j to slf4j

- introduced new isis-core-log4j module to hold the log4j-specific stuff

- still configured to bind log via log4j underneath.

in addition:

- Added oscar Bou as committer.

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ISIS-162 - allowing action links to use parameters

Making action link and button also work with transient objects.

ISIS-162 - added interaction variables to links in list items.

ISIS-162 logon tag can now use user roles from a user domain object to set up the session.

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ISIS-362: upgrading to JMock 2.6.0

* and adding in support for @Never, @Ignoring, @Allowing annotations etc.


* the size of the commit is because of an "organize import" throughout,

done with respect to our standard isis.importorder


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ISIS-162: changed indicator of transient data so specific names for object types are not mistaken as transient data.

ISIS-188: renaming packages in line with groupId:artifactId

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ISIS-188: making structure of component viewers consistent

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