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ISIS-720: mothballing scimpi

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ISIS-695: bumping plugin versions to latest

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ISIS-51, ISIS-495: removing dependencies on Apache commons

- commons-lang (except in Scimpi)

- commons-collections

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ISIS-188: renaming artifactIds, bumping version

* artifactIds now in reverse polish notation (eg isis-objectstore-jdo)

* bumped to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT (anticipating semver vote, but not dependent on it)

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ISIS-188: various fixes to module poms

- making sure can use scope=import for dependency management of each releasable module

- renamed the top-level aggregator project from 'isis' to 'isis-all' so that artifactIds are unique across all and imports into Eclipse ok.

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ISIS-188: updating poms...

* removing dependency on isis-parent in core

* updating url from incubator to tlp, for all poms

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ISIS-188: making structure of component viewers consistent

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