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ISIS-2062: docs

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ISIS-2062: docs

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ISIS-2259: removes _attributes.adoc workaround

no longer required with AsciiDoc 0.30.28 plugin for IntelliJ

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ISIS-2258: change leftover HTML tags to AsciiDoc syntax

ISIS-2258: fix long hyphens in command lines that used to be two dashes

This usually happens when copy-and-pasting content from/to a rendered website or a word processor that applies some magic to the typing.

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ISIS-2258: use plain ASCII chars instead of a ligature. Escape the three dots to avoid AsciiDoc to parse a list item.

ISIS-2258: use AsciiDoc's footnote format to provide a footnote

ISIS-2062: refactors devguide and comguide

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ISIS-2062: reworking the TOC and menu structure

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