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ISIS-2149: moves the static files over, updates Antora's ui.yml file.

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ISIS-1414: introduced sequence for chg.xsd so that PublishedObjects can have a sequence; promoted WithTransactionScope interface to applib; QueryResultsCache now implements this interface.

The "transactionId" is really an interaction id, and there could be multiple transactions within a single such interaction. Therefore any PublishedObjects (= set of dirtied objects within a transaction) needs to have a sequence number to distinguish from other transactions, and also from any interaction executions.

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ISIS-1291: further documentation. Slight extension to the PublishedObjects API

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ISIS-1291: documentation on command and events.


- adding missing schemas in adocs documentation (for hosting on the web).

- updating bad links to @Xxx_aaa in multiple files

- deprecating some methods in applib API.

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