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ISIS-1335: remove simpleapp-archetype.adoc, changed the few references to instead reference the relevant 'getting started' chapter of ugfun (user guide fundamentals).

Also removed ug.adoc, was just there for old links. Previously removed rg.adoc.

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ISIS-1333: removing references to jetty-console in the docs. Also improvements to website home page layout (screenshots), and fixing ref to archetype page, and improving the archetype page. Also ...

... also moved sections in the developers guide for lombok and agileJ into appendices of that guide.

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ISIS-1287: completing rename of contributors guide to developers guide. Also moved the policies chapter to committers' guide

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ISIS-1315: updating docs for swagger goal.

In addition, moved the isis maven plugin to its own reference guide, and renamed the cgcon "contributors guide" to "developers' guide" (didn't change file names or links, though).

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ISIS-1296: updating website and status for 1.11.1 release.

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ISIS-1287: splitting out contributors vs committers guides

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ISIS-1243: updating docs for release

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ISIS-1243: renamed ug.adoc to ugfun.adoc. Added standard section to each of the guides so can navigate between each easily.

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ISIS-1243: moving Restful Objects stuff into its own user guide.

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ISIS-1195: updating adocs, removing references to 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISIS-1195: updating release docs, version number for mvn archetype had not been bumped consistently throughout website.

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ISIS-1052: post-release updates to docs.


- minor updates to release notes

- minor updates to speeding up mvn build using additional flags.

- remove references to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT from docs

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ISIS-1133: pulling together the contributors guide.

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