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ISIS-1521: reorganizes asciidoc documentation, moves into subdirs (both guides and other pages)

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ISIS-1594: fixes anchors for extension point's conventions

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ISIS-1287: removing references to 1.12.0-SNAPSHOT from docs

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ISIS-1292: moving selected 'AppFeatureRepository' functionality from security module (in isisaddons) into the core framework.

In addition:

- updating existing service docs, to reference the 'how to override' section in intro of the domain services ref guide (rather than the ug hints-and-tips).

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ISIS-1317: Object_rebuildMetamodel mixin; also changes to supporting services.


- GridService (and GridLoaderService), to remove grid for a domain class

- MetaModelService, to invalidate and recreate an ObjectSpecification

In addition:

- in GridService/GridLoaderService, introduced supportsReloading() rather than using deploymentCategory#isProduction() directly. This will make it easier to be overridden in application code.

Also updated docs.

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ISIS-993: further documentation on the layout/grid system.

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ISIS-993: split LayoutService back out into LayoutService (API) vs GridService (SPI); rationalizing APIs; adding documentation.

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