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ISIS-1333: removing references to jetty-console in the docs. Also improvements to website home page layout (screenshots), and fixing ref to archetype page, and improving the archetype page. Also ...

... also moved sections in the developers guide for lombok and agileJ into appendices of that guide.

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Merge branch 'ISIS-1335_pr-39'

small corrections documentation ActionInvocationContext

Merge remote-tracking branch 'estatio/johandoornenbal-patch-1'

ISIS-1287: updating release notes for 1.12.0

Update _rgsvc_api_AcceptHeaderService.adoc

ISIS-1333: removing jetty-console and antrun plugins from simpleapp webapp.

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ISIS-1287: updating home page with new screenshots.

ISIS-1287: fixing up license headers for simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1333: removing self-host profile.

ISIS-1287: fixing home page layout for simpleapp.

ISIS-1330: fix for standalone collection if only one rendered view.

ISIS-1287: fixing up supplemental-models for missing license info

ISIS-1287: fixing up license header files

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ISIS-1287: recreating simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1332: updating docs for HintStore

ISIS-1332: added mixin to allow end-users to clear UI hints for a domain object.

ISIS-1332: renamed IsisUiHintEvent to IsisSelectorEvent, no longer related to the UI hint stuff at all. Removed subscribingLink from ZeroClipboardPanel, no longer required.

ISIS-1332: remove the local cache of ComponentHintKey in EntityModel, instead simplified so that the list of hints is obtained from the HintStore service. If hints are provided as query args (ie page parameters) then these are now correctly honoured.

Also extended HintStore API to support this functionality (can list all keys for an object, and also remove all).

ISIS-1332: now factored out HintStore

ISIS-1332: rename ComponentKey to ComponentHintKey

ISIS-1287: minor fixes to xsd docs

ISIS-687: now honouring @MinLength when specified on an action.

ISIS-1309: only add the "are you sure" prompt if action is not disabled.

ISIS-1319: change where the "mandatory" class is added for reference panel so that the existing CSS picks it up to show the red asterisk marker.

ISIS-1327: create a StringPanel if read-only. Also fix for CSS

ISIS-1287: completing rename of contributors guide to developers guide. Also moved the policies chapter to committers' guide

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ISIS-1315: updating docs for swagger goal.

In addition, moved the isis maven plugin to its own reference guide, and renamed the cgcon "contributors guide" to "developers' guide" (didn't change file names or links, though).

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ISIS-1287: recreating simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1287: updating the recreate_archetype scripts