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ISIS-2181: fixes confusion between org.datanucleus:javax.jdo and javax.jdo:jdo-api

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ISIS-2181: removes mixins, refactors apps to use new starter-parent

also moves misc/jsr303 to extensions/other

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Merge pull request #164 from apache/2177-object-manager

2177 object manager

ISIS-2177: minor cleanup

ISIS-2181: rationalizing core/pom.xml vs spring boot parent

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ISIS-2181: set -Drevision for building apps too

ISIS-2181: fixes SCRIPT_DIR derivation in

ISIS-2181: adds distributionManagement profile for isis-parent.

ISIS-2181: fixes mixins.xml deploy, activate on property: gcpappenginerepo-deploy.repositoryUrl

... consistent with core/pom.xml

ISIS-2181: allows settings.xml to be passed in as env var to both and

ISIS-2181: adds guard around groovy ... don't run if no metadata.

ISIS-2181: changes SCRIPT_DIR derivation

... was not compatible with gitlab.

Also require REVISION to be set for site.

ISIS-2181: adds groovy setup for ci-build-site-no-push

and set up REVISION env var also

ISIS-2181 : debugs ci-build-site

ISIS-2177: removes Oid_State, marks Bookmark.ObjectState deprecated

ISIS-2181: makes REVISION not set non-fatal for

ISIS-2181: sets -Drevision when revert versions after core build.

ISIS-2181: adds REVISION for build site

ISIS-2181 : uses -Drevision= to pick up maven mixins (2)

ISIS-2181 : uses -Drevision= to pick up maven mixins

ISIS-2181: derives MVN_STAGES if required

ISIS-2181: removes 'docker' module from mixins parent

ISIS-2181: derives MVN_STAGES if required

ISIS-2181: derives PROJECT_ROOT_PATH if required.

also execute examples_sh prior to antora

ISIS-2181: derives SCRIPT_DIR dynamically

ISIS-2181: allows scripts to run with REVISION env var

ISIS-2084: uses ${project.version} to reference maven mixins from core

ISIS-2084: sets relativePath for core -> core-parent

ISIS-2084: core-parent now cascades to core

ISIS-2084: combines and