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ISIS-2001: fixes NPE for multi-line collection parameters.

ISIS-2104: bumping jupiter version 5.3.1 -> 5.4.1


ISIS-2104: fixes maven build

- lombok issue with val in nested generic enum

- also bumbing maven-compiler-plugin 3.8.0 -> 3.8.1


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ISIS-2104: fixes AuditerService, but not yet the PublisherService


ISIS-2104: adding a tiny JDO test domain

- with Products', 'Books' and 'Inventories'

- should allow for integration testing of the Application Layer


ISIS-2112: backporting changes from IoC_spring branch


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ISIS-2109: Move the Isis-2-Demo into the Isis Project


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ISIS-2069: Remove support for guava event bus implementation, because ...


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ISIS-2001: wip, add support for disable/hide for string and boolean types.

Still some issues, though:

- we don't render any of the params as disabled by default. the initial logic to hide params is in ActionParametersForm, so could add 'disable' logic in there.

- however, also, really that logic should probably move to ScalarModel (currently whetherHidden/Disabled for params always returns false/null, which is now a lie - should push this logic further back).


- couldn't get disablement working for blob panels, so that is not yet supported (multipart exceptions)

- ? get (ignored) exception if hit Esc (rather than Cancel button)

ISIS-2001: adds 'title' attribute if disabled

for parameters.

Also adds support for Blob panel (as well as text previously; still

need to check others).

However, exception if hit 'cancel' on a blob panel

merging 'master' into 'v2'

ISIS-2072: removes reference to

Certificate error.

Failed to resolve dependencies for one or more projects in the reactor. Reason: Could not transfer artifact org.apache.isis.core:isis-core-schema:jar: from/to ( Certificate for <> doesn't match any of the subject alternative names: [,,,,]

I'm hoping that we don't actually need this cert.

Merge branch 'ISIS-2107'

ISIS-2107: fixes unit test

ISIS-2107: makes reference choices more flexible by allowing it to handle enums that are implementing an interface

ISIS-2107: reformat is all

ISIS-2107: allows ObjectAdapterMementos that represent enum instances to be instantiated.

ISIS-2107: improves isOfType so that enums that implement an interface are allowed for.

merge 'master' into 'v2'

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Merge pull request #137 from apache/2102_SSE

Introduces ServerSideEvents as an experimental feature.

Merge branch 'ISIS-1999'

ISIS-1999: removes AssociationGroup

since unused

ISIS-1999: allows mixins to be view models, renders their properties and collections via grid.

Also adds a new AssociationGroup panel, similar to PropertiesGroup,

ISIS-2106: increases width of sidebar to 25% (from 20%)

ISIS-2106: adds CSS for sidebar.

adds margin/padding to the bottom to allow for the fixed footer

Merge branch 'ISIS-2001'

ISIS-2001: fixes tiny CSS issue