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ISIS-2258: use plain ASCII chars instead of a ligature. Escape the three dots to avoid AsciiDoc to parse a list item.

ISIS-2258: use AsciiDoc's footnote format to provide a footnote

ISIS-2259: wip - splits out 'extensions' into 'mappings', 'subdomains', 'testing' as well as 'extensions'

... and for 'incubator' and 'legacy', introduce subdirectories of mappings | extensions | subdomains | testing for when promote / deprecate.

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ISIS-2258: adding newline before list, as AsciiDoc would otherwise not recognize it as a list

ISIS-2258: change Markdown style section headers to AsciiDoc style

ISIS-2258: grammar check indicated a missing comma, added it

ISIS-2258: change syntax to be valid XML

ISIS-2258: fixing typo

ISIS-2258: Adding .editorconfig to avoid common errors and ensure consistency

Ensure that AsciiDoc file don't have trailing white space, as this is redundant.

Ensure that each file has a newline at the end as this avoids concatenating lines when using them in includes.

AsciiDoc encoding is aways UTF-8, ensure that developer's IDEs respect this to avoid character conversion issues.

ISIS-2258: duplicate common attributes from site.yml for preview in AsciiDoc IntelliJ plugin

#5 minor fixes, point removed from UiManager

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ISIS-2158: sync adoc

ISIS-2158: reordering injection points to the top of the class

and making these private when possible

also fixing lots of unused field compiler warnings

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ISIS-2158: fixes SwaggerServiceMenu having its menu items disabled

ISIS-2158: don't expose RestfulHttpMethodHelper

ISIS-2062; tiny improvement to

ISIS-2062: sync adoc, is all

ISIS-2062: updates javadoc, is all

ISIS-2158: cleaning up

ISIS-2158: move remaining ro-viewer client-code core -> legacy

ISIS-2158: decouple RestfulClient/Response from client code

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ISIS-2158: decouple RestfulHttpMethod from client code

ISIS-2158: decouple LinkRepresentation from client code

ISIS-2183: minor: cleaning up java-doc

ISIS-2183: removes IsisJdoMetamodelPlugin

ISIS-2183: minor: converts debug code to proper logging

ISIS-2183: Convert ComponentFactory to an interface for managed beans

ISIS-2183: Convert DateConverterPlugin to an interface for managed beans

ISIS-2183: fixes case when there is no ValuePropertyPlugin available

ISIS-2183: Convert ValuePropertyPlugin to an interface for managed beans