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ISIS-2125 batch update format: makes all injection points one-liners

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ISIS-2125 major (breaking) commit: new transaction paradigma

- opening an isis session does no longer open a transactional context

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ISIS-2125 batch-update license headers for *.java files

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ISIS-2123 ServiceRegistry: don't register beans of unknown sort

ISIS-2151 MenuBars Services: code polishing

- also fixes the security menu (layout) in demo-app

ISIS-2146 reinstates Mixins Object_objectIdentifier/Type (smart logic)

ISIS-2146 decouples GridSystemServiceBS3 from GridLoaderServiceDefault

ISIS-2146 renames just introduced HoldsMetamodel -> HoldsMetadata

- also provides new _Resource shortcut for the most common use-case:

String loadAsStringUtf8(Class<?> contextClass, String resourceName)

ISIS-2146 degrades Mixins Object_objectIdentifier, Object_objectType

- instead we provide a new interface HoldsMetamodel for the new Mixins

to be associated with

- also cleans-up/simplifies all the Mixin code within applib

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ISIS-2155 adds ZipWriter to 'applib', BlobClobFactory to B(C)lob's pkg

ISIS-2125 marks TransactionService.nextTransaction* deprecated

- removes references to TransactionService.nextTransaction* from the

Fixtures Extension

ISIS-2154 removes ObjectAdapter.checkLock(Version version)

ISIS-2154 adds remove marker to ConcurrencyChecking enum

ISIS-2154 removes references to the ConcurrencyChecking enum

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ISIS-2154 cleanup some debug code

ISIS-2148 minor: align mixin's source code format

ISIS-2133 removes deprecated installers

- also resurrects FixtureScript* as non legacy

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ISIS-2151 fixes seeding of the security module

- brings the security module to life with the demo-app

ISIS-2151 add missing override annotations

ISIS-2151 fixes provisioning

ISIS-2151 adds new module 'model' to further decouple from JDO

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ISIS-2151 add missing serialVersionUIDs, remove/replace deprecations

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ISIS-2150 cleaning up 'log4j' module references in pom.xml files

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ISIS-2151 working on provisioning by Spring

- updates the demo-app to use the security manager extension

- yet sub menu entries are not placed correctly

- some services still need to be recognized by Spring for provisioning

but at least the demo does launch

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ISIS-2153 implements _Tasks execution on the common ForkJoinPool

- currently not used, it seems activating concurrent initialization

deadlocks with Spring's provisioning

ISIS-2151 removes intermediate helper class 'TransitionHelper'

ISIS-2152 adds ViewModel creation to the FactoryService (API)

- also removes 'm' (=mixin) shortcut from FactoryService interface

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ISIS-2151 remove dependency on guava

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ISIS-2151 restructure module hierarchy, also splitting out encryption

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ISIS-2151 initial commit, splitting the module in three parts

- tries to decouple this extension's reusable part from jdo and shiro

- yet not usable, this is still work in progress

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