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ISIS-2062: user guide updates (view models)

ISIS-2320: rename registered scope name isis-session -> isis-interaction

move notice

move notice

group handler with parse() only into PleinHandlers, ASF Copyright added

group transfer objects without behavior into PleinTransferObjects, ASF Copyright added

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new root incubator/clients/kroviz

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ISIS-2319: more adoc for the demo

ISIS-2319: improved layout f. Dependent Args Demo (less confusing)

ISIS-2319: extend Dependent Args Demo to showcase the issue

ISIS-2309: adds some TupleDemo adoc

ISIS-2062: user guide docs.

ISIS-2323: implements IsisInteraction to store User Data

ISIS-2322: adds joergrade as new committer

Also fixed id for jeroen in STATUS

ISIS-2320: renaming IsisInteractionTracker#currentSession -> #currentInteraction

ISIS-2320: fixes renaming typo with org.apache.isis.core.runtime.iacnt

iacnt -> iactn

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ISIS-2062: updates to user guide

also adding in some missing anchors

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change root package name

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ISIS-2318: add extended mixin demo, yet does not work

ISIS-2320: rename packages o.a.i.runtime.session.* -> iacnt.*

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ISIS-2320: Rename IsisRestfulObjectsSessionFilter -> IsisRestfulObjectsInteractionFilter

ISIS-2320: more renaming by hand

ISIS-2320: Rename IsisInteractionTracker#isInSession -> #isInInteraction

ISIS-2320: batch replace mockIsisSession -> mockIsisInteraction

ISIS-2320: Rename IsisSessionHandler -> IsisInteractionHandler

ISIS-2320: batch replace mockIsisSessionTracker -> mockIsisInteractionTracker

ISIS-2320: batch replace mockIsisSessionFactory -> mockIsisInteractionFactory

ISIS-2320: more renaming by hand

ISIS-2320: Rename some remaining by hand

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ISIS-2320: batch replace @IsisSessionScope -> @IsisInteractionScope