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ISIS-2257: relaxes MM Validation when associated action parameter

ISIS-2256: fixes selection model running out of sync with checkboxes

ISIS-2253: workaround for DemoApp to pass MM validation

ISIS-2253: fixes false positive on homepage action facet count

#3 move menu build function to factory

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ISIS-2255: no such spring.adoc generated. Also renames.

ISIS-2255: when reverse lookup of mixin, also consider properties and collections.

#3 add seperators for secondary

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ISIS-2253: minor simplifications

ISIS-2254: adds events emitted by IsisPlatformManagerForJdo

so can perform the necessary steps.

ISIS-2158: correcting java-doc

ISIS-2183: removes some plugins (ServiceLoader)

- UriBuilderPlugin ... obsolete since UriBuilder provides the same


- IsisJaxrsServerPlugin ... converted to a managed bean (service)

ISIS-2250: fixes for smoketests ?

ISIS-2250: sync-adoc

ISIS-2250: adds config properties to lock down metamodel, or to incrementally validate otherwise.


- adds validator to ensure that there are no actions except on known types

- no longer inject into Interaction, instead pass in the required services (ClockService, MetricsService).

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ISIS-2158: fixes Demo source links

and further removes references to Money (commented out)

#3 use /menuBars

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ISIS-2158: allows reuse of IsisBeanTypeRegistry's isToBeInspected logic

ISIS-2158: import order: put lombok before unmatched imports (eclipse)

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ISIS-2158: sh

ISIS-2158: updates IntelliJ config for lombok import order.

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ISIS-2158: (re) run 'optimize imports' for examples/demo, examples/smoketests, incubator, legacy

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ISIS-2158: re-run 'optimize imports' for 'core'

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ISIS-2158: re-run 'optimize imports' for 'extensions'

ISIS-2158: organize imports for 'incubator'

ISIS-2158: organize imports for 'extensions'

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ISIS-2247: @TestPropertySource reformatting, is all.

ISIS-2158: organize XSD imports for 'core' (from IntelliJ)

ISIS-2158: organize imports in core using IntelliJ

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