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ISIS-2033: another attempted fix of jboss-logging convergence issue


ISIS-2033: atempted fix of jboss-logging convergence issue


ISIS-2033: further fixing event-bus tests


ISIS-2033: fixes eventbus plugin tests


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ISIS-2033: attempted fix of type inference issue


ISIS-2033: fixinf dependency convergence issue


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ISIS-2033: All MetaModel tests fixed.

However there is a lot of cleaning-up left to do.


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ISIS-2033: fixes ServiceRegistry#validate

by properly iterating over discovered beans

also simplify weld testing with a BeanListBuilder


ISIS-2033: fixing ServiceInjector Test

circular injection dependencies are no longer allowed for services


Merge branch 'ISIS-1997'

ISIS-1997: introduces 'dialogMode' configuration property, updates documentation

Merge branch 'ISIS-2050'

ISIS-2050: updates docs, describe the isis.reflector.introspection.mode config property.

ISIS-2033: reimplementing ServiceInjector

adding Mockito


ISIS-2050: extended ConfigProperty and also ModuleOrBuilderAbstract so can configure latter from former

ISIS-2050: fixes suspected race condition in metamodel validation of DomainObjectAnnotationFacetFactory

was using servicesInjector#isRegisteredService to determine if a referenced domain class was a repository. However, this uses a flag that is only set once a PersistenceSession has been created, so (I think) resulted in a race condition. The new implementation only looks at the DomainServiceFacet of the ObjectSpecification.


- promoted IntrospectionMode to a top-level class

ISIS-2033: add JUnit-Test support for Weld


ISIS-1997: fine-tuning sidebar prompt

- don't add the icon to the action name at the top of the panel (also for modal dialog, too)

- escape key should cancel

- removes toggle button from every page

- specify width of panel as 20% rather than hardcoded number of pixels

ISIS-2053: removes tabindex=-1 for a href's, specify focus styling for all themes.


- disallow tabbing into the underlying widget (textarea etc) contained within the "inline" editing hyperlink <a>

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ISIS-2033: meta-model tests: fixes trivial test failures ...

... that were related to singleton resolving

24 test-cases still fail, these are due to eg. code not yet implemented


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ISIS-2033: Major: MetaModel refactoring

removing instances of 'ServicesInjector' being passed around in


removing 'ServicesInjectorAware' interface


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ISIS-1997: first cut of sidebar

ISIS-1997: adds a sidebar, can toggle

ISIS-2033: refine IsisContext.getSessionFactory() to support testing


ISIS-2033: proper support for CDI lifecycle


ISIS-2033: remove AppManifestProvider interface and do some cleanup


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ISIS-2033: Major (interim): thrown away Installers and Guice

prepare for full provisioning utilizing CDI

this commit breaks provisioning and SudoService


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ISIS-2050: changes fullIntrospection boolean property into an enum property: LAZY vs LAZY_UNLESS_PRODUCTION vs FULL

Set the default to 'LAZY_UNLESS_PRODUCTION'

ISIS-2050: adds new subtypes of ConfigProperty

ISIS-2050: further improvements to MetaModelExporter (utility used by MetaModelService)

apply the filtering defined by the config when perform final export.