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ISIS-2158: cleanup ServiceRegistryDefault

ISIS-2158: removes the IsisSystemEnvironmentProvider

- this indirection is not required

ISIS-2158: fixing tests after isis-sys-env was migrated to a bean

ISIS-2158: move JdoPersistenceLifecycleService -> jdo-common

- fixes smoketests with headless config

ISIS-2086: wip, converting DN config props to use IsisConfiguration

(cherry picked from commit 0a9b39ba4ddceba0f5a2349e1a90eac8f5e6a3f5)

ISIS-2163: IsisSystemEnvironment is now a Spring-managed bean.

To ease migration, provides a static IsisSystemEnvironment#get()

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ISIS-2158: convert IsisSystemEnvironment to be a Spring managed bean

ISIS-2158: remove isis system environment SPI

Merge pull request #150 from apache/ISIS-2086

more work on config beans

ISIS-2158: smoketests to have their individual in-mem connections

- adds new 'IsisPresets.H2InMemory_withUniqueSchema'

- also converts DN plugin to use new config bean 'DataNucleusSettings'

However, there might be a random number collision when generating unique

schema names, though highly unlikely. Unfortunately using a UUID as

schema name does not seem to work, its too long (has too many


ISIS-2086: fixes syntax errors in metadata

ISIS-2086: Hsql and H2 UI now read ConnectionURL from IsisConfiguration.

ISIS-2086: adds javax.jdo.option settings to IsisConfiguration

with metadata so that they are correctly bound.

ISIS-2062: updating docs on using Antora

ISIS-2062: updating docs on using Antora

ISIS-2158: config-beans: adding test case for 'ConnectionURL'

ISIS-2158: MethodRemover: using Set<Method> instead of List<Method>

- should(!?) perform better on classes with lots of methods

- also solving concurrent modification issues when stress testing


ISIS-2158: refine MethodRemover interface

- less List instances required during spec-loading

- also makes the FacetHolderImpl thread-safe, which is required for

concurrent spec-loading

ISIS-2158: performance regression?

ISIS-2158: spec-loading: minor tweaks

- profiling data shows, that basically most of the time is spent doing

reflective stuff like finding annotations including meta-annotations

Instead of writing or own reflection tools (with caching), we could

utilize those that Spring already provides.

ISIS-2158: spec-loading: simplify spec-cache

ISIS-2158: spec-loading: some refinement and polishing

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ISIS-2158: have IsisConfiguration not depend on any Isis service

ISIS-2158: adds 2 fields to IsisConfiguration, populated by ServiceRegistryDefault

- Map<String, String> rawKeyValueMap

- Environment environment

using environment might be the better choice of the 2, but we'll see

also fixes build issues after merge

Merge pull request #149 from apache/ISIS-2086

more work on config-beans

ISIS-2158: attempt to simplify some of the spec-loading code

ISIS-2086: refactors 'isis.viewer.wicket.liveReloadUrl' to type-safe config

ISIS-2086: refactors 'isis.viewer.wicket.dialogMode' and 'isis.viewer.wicket.dialogModeForMenu' to type-safe config

ISIS-2086: converts 'isis.viewer.wicket.themes.*' (3 of em) to type-safe config

ISIS-2086: refactors 'isis.viewer.wicket.breadcrumbs.showChooser' to type-safe config