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ISIS-905: remove guard on flush that used to ensure that the xactn was not in a state of MUST_ABORT... we want to render the VoidReturnPage if a xactn has been aborted.

ISIS-866:use ConcurrentMap rather than LinkedHashMap in ServiceInstantiator (since is a singleton, could conceivably be accessed by multiple threads at once).

ISIS-537 Fully disable the old ExceptionStackTracePanel.css and make the panel heading red

ISIS-537 Bootstrapify ExceptionStackTracePanel

ISIS-537 Use Wicket-Bootstrap's Modal instead of ModalWindow

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ISIS-865: checks if any (non-Command) objects have been dirtied in an xactn initiated by an action with safe-semantics; if so, and if "isis.persistor.ensureSafeSemantics" is "true", will abort xactn.

Whichever way setting, will log with ERROR severity.

NB: this feature requires a CommandService impl that supports the new Command2 API.

Also supported in integ tests.

The default is taken to be "false", ie only log error, don't abort xactn. This is for backward compatibility with 1.6.0 and previous versions.

ISIS-537 EntityPropertiesPanel now uses Bootstrap panel with a heading and body

ISIS-537 Fixed a BootLint problem about a .row without .col-**

ISIS-873: new interface Command2 for commands to surface the ActionInteractionEvent.

ISIS-866: @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy now honoured for request-scope services.

ISIS-887: mothballed the core/module* modules, moved to mothballed/core/module*

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ISIS-537 Apply Bootstrap styles

Fix problem reported by bootlint about using col-** without "row" parent

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ISIS-537 Apply suggestions by BootLint

Bootstrapify almost all form input fields

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ISIS-537 Fix bootlint warnings at the home page

ISIS-809: removed DOC#existingViewModelInstance (not required); ViewModel facet implies disabled property and collection (unless implements ViewModel.Cloneable); reworked FixtureResult to take advantage of @ViewModel.

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ISIS-809: view models using @ViewModel annotation (builds memento from all read/write properties, provided not annotated with either @NotPersistable or @Programmatic)

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ISIS-899: fixing how to recreate the oid for view models (an obvious error in previous implementation); seems to be sufficient to address

ISIS-537 Bootstrapify Date related panel and collection contents

ISIS-537 temporary disable the generation of the CSS bundle.

This way the CSS of the bootstrap theme is not overriden

ISIS-537 Add margin-bottom to avoid hiding elements behind the fixed bottom navbar

ISIS-537 Bootstrapify Blob and Clob panel

ISIS-537 Bootstrapify EntityPropertiesPanel

ISIS-537 Move the breadcrumbsMenu and copyLink to the secondary navbar

ISIS-537 Fix the generation of the sub menu items

ISIS-537 Reimplement application actions menu with Bootstrap dropdown buttons

It doesn't yet support all the functionality from the old CssMenuPanel & Co.

ISIS-537 Add main navigation bar for the home link, user name, logout and about links

Add a TODO for improving it later

ISIS-537 Do not depend on the configured Bootstrap CSS reference. This is automatically manager with the configured ITheme

Add TODOs for improving later

ISIS-537 Minor cleanup in the markup