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ISIS-2123: adds markdown to extensions' pom.xml

ISIS-2123: moves shiro.ini to classpath for demo

can't be loaded from WEB-INF.

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ISIS-2123: adds extensions to top-level pom.xml

so can import all of this stuff into IDE easily

ISIS-2123: adds example/application/demo.xml to the list of apps

defined in the core/pom.xml

ISIS-2127 recover bean name, lost in previous commit

ISIS-2127 allow for the @HomePage annotation to also be placed on types

- no longer needs a service to provide the homepage

- but one can still use a service if desired for more fine-grained


ISIS-2136 uses prism (client-side java-script) for syntax highlighting

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ISIS-2136 move the former markdown specific highlighting java-script from 'demo' to 'markdown'

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ISIS-2136 make markdown- and adoc to HTML conversion code reusable

- adds module /extensions/markdown

- adds module /extensions/asciidoc

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ISIS-2123 at least SimpleApp can now be launched

- fixture scripts don't work (are not discovered)

- validation does not use the isis-maven-plugin's latest version but

instead the latest release version, which fails

- removing mixins jetty-war and jetty-console, since we can use

spring-boot now

ISIS-2123 fixes the 'extensions' build

ISIS-2123 simplify pom.xml setup for example apps

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ISIS-2131 includes the 'Excel' module with the DemoApp

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ISIS-2126 brings in new main folder 'extensions'

- adding extension 'viewer-wicket-excel' (from incode)

- moving module 'smoketest' one up in the filesystem

- also fixes smoke-test setups

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ISIS-2127: homepage action providers are no longer restricted to be @DomainServices ...

- now also allowed to have an @HomPage annotated Action are @ViewModels

or any IoC managed beans

- moves the HomePageProviderService 'applib' -> 'metamodel'

- also renaming HomePageProviderService -> HomePageResolverService

- code-deduplication, there is now only single code that does the

metamodel lookup for the hompage providing action


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ISIS-2130: fixes classes annotated with @Mixin getting ignored


ISIS-2129: introduces ResourceLinkVolatile to replace Wicket's ResourceLink

- Each ResourceLinkVolatile instance generates a unique URL, which

effectively eliminates any caching during the request response cycle.

- This is the desired behavior for Blob/Clob 'download' buttons.


ISIS-2129: bump wicket versions '8.4.0' -> '8.5.0'

- rendering: insert a non-breaking-space between download-button and



ISIS-2126: when starting example apps from cmd-line, default to PROTOTYPING


ISIS-2126: remove 'webserver' as a dependency from 'mavendeps/webapp'

- webserver is obsolete


ISIS-2126 removing remaining '/core/' and '*.core.*' in names

ISIS-2126 removing '/core/' and '*.core.*' in names where reasonable

- removed from all 'automaticModuleName' and 'artifactId'

- so we basically renamed all core artifacts!

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ISIS-2128 put a FIXME marker on TimestampService

ISIS-2041 LogonFixture removed

- yet there's no replacement, we'll figure that out later

ISIS-2126 minor renaming in 'config' Presets

ISIS-2126 fixes provisioning error by disabling the TimestampService

- which initialized too early, marked deprecated ... still needed?

ISIS-2126 moving jdo exception recognizers 'metamodel' -> 'jdo-commons'

- also aligning pkg names in modules 'security' and 'jdo-*'

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ISIS-2126 aligning remaining 'runtime' package names

- also aligning test package names

- moving commons.encoding pkgs from 'metamodel' -> 'commons'

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ISIS-2126 consolidating 'metamodel' o.a.i.c.common packages and classes

- pkg names in module 'metamodel' are now fully aligned

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ISIS-2126 disables 'service provisioning' smoke-test