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ISIS-758: auditing should handle deleted objects.


- better exception handling within ObjectContracts for getValueOf(...).

ISIS-421: working on RO TCK tests.

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ISIS-757: Override using isis.config.dir setting

ISIS-421: RO TCK tests

hidden and disabled properties.

Also, fixes to applib DomainObjectRepr#getProperties and #getCollections, #getActions (is a map, now, not a list)

Also, noticed incorrect media type for link to actions in DomainObjectRepr.

ISIS-421: more 405 tests.

Also, remove the DomainServiceResource#property and #collection.

ISIS-421: more RO TCK tests for 405s

On home page, user page, services page

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ISIS-421: RO TCK tests (405 status)

Lots more tests checking for 405 response code when hit resource with invalid HTTP method.

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ISIS-421: Post on object resource is 405

ISIS-421: Delete on object is 405

ISIS-421: starting on the RO TCK tests

RO TCK tests

- removed skip=true flag for Maven

- updated surefire config to ensure all tests run under maven

- fixed those failing

- including fix to throw 404 instead of 200(!) for non-existing entity

- added placeholders for view models

Core changes

- subclasses of ObjectNotFoundException for clearer semantics

- AdapterManager#adapterFor can now throw new PojoRecreationException (instead of ObjectNotFoundException)

- only caller that checks explicitly for the old ONFE - OidUtils in RO viewer - updated to also catch PojoRecEx

updated modules pom.xml to reference 1.4.2-snapshot core (parent)

- RO viewer

- shiro security

- viewer wicket

added new profiles in isis-all pom.xml for security modules

- better workflow if using IntelliJ

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ISIS-695: updating STATUS

... was not updated after previous 1.4.0/1.4.1 release

Also, updated pom.xml; mvn-tool-plugin should not be in the -P released profile

ISIS-756: bumping version for example/applications

just noticed that had been left at 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT; moved to 1.4.2-SNAPSHOT

ISIS-756: improvements for JRebel support


* updated the pom.xml for archetypes, adding -P jrebel antrun:run

* updates to .launch files for archetypes, using properties to parameterize the rebel.xml file in the dom project

* auto-invalidate cache if fail to retrieve association in metamodel

ISIS-749: less noisy DataNucleusSimplePersistAlgorithm...

... for the makePersistent() method when persists (move from INFO to DEBUG).

ISIS-753: example of EventBusService

added to the todo (quickstart) application.

ISIS-753: should register JDO versions of EventBusService in the apps...

... not the default versions.

In addition, extended the ToDo (quickstart) app to demonstrate the use of event bus service.

ISIS-754: New IsisConfigurationForJdoIntegTests

which also preconfigures properties to speed up BDD tests.


- minor improvement to RegisterEntities, to trim any spaces in the packagePrefixes (comma separated).

ISIS-753: adding EventBusServiceDefault to services for archetypes

also, in simple application/archetype, was missing QueryResultsCache and also CommandServiceJdoContributions.

ISIS-752: remove the "(+)" suffix in collection labels.

There was a bug here, but as Jeroen notes, the info is there already anyway in the UI. So just remove.

ISIS-746: only get roles from realm(s) which subject was authenticated.

Note that Shiro itself will get the perms from those roles only from the realms against which was authenticated. So this change is just about the way in which Isis gleans the roles to pop into the UserMemento#getRoles().

ISIS-749: less noisy logging

in AdapterManagerDefault, ResourceServlet

ISIS-751: updating dates in NOTICE files.

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ISIS-695: updating example apps to use snapshot versions

... rather than released versions (so can test new stuff etc).

ISIS-750: store serializedForm of event as clob.

Merge branch 'prepare/isis-1.4.0-RC1'

ISIS-695: further updates to non-released poms

to get to a clean compile.

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ISIS-695: 1.5.0-snapshot to 1.4.2-snapshot

for selected poms where we anticipate additional patch releases

(core, jdo, wicket, shiro)

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ISIS-745: don't exclude org.apache.isis from downloaded metamodel

... because in particular, we want to see any JDO objectstore entities that are in the metamodel.

ISIS-744: convert CommandJdo to use clob ...

... for exception property.

ISIS-421: added TCK test for RO viewer

testing happy case of invoking a POST action with a reference as its single argument.


- minor fix in core to TCK entity class.

- more flexibility for IsisWebServerRule (as used in testing).