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ISIS-1153: migrating to DN 4.1.2.


ISIS-1052: update contributors guide, moving IntelliJ plugins section to tips-n-tricks.

ISIS-1052: reference extended version of petclinic tutorial.

ISIS-1157: simplified design for SAFE_AND_REQUEST_CACHEABLE.

Instead add the caching to ActionInvocationFacetForDomainEventAbstract. No need for a new facet, just use the value of ActionSemanticsFacet.


- introduce new #isSafeInNature() to the SemanticsOf enum (also the deprecated equivalent ActionSemantics enum), which incorporates both #SAFE and #SAFE_AND_REQUEST_CACHEABLE

- go through codebase and change any hardcoded comparisons with SemanticsOf.SAFE (also the deprecated equivalent ActionSemantics enum) to use SemanticsOf#isSafeInNature() instead

- whether an action is bookmarkable

- whether concurrency checking should be performed

- a couple of uses in Restful Objects

- deprecate old #isSafe() method, since is potentially confusing

ISIS-1150: removed -r (--persistor) command flag support; removed PersistenceMechanismInstaller (pushed down into DataNucleusPersistenceMechanismInstaller).

ISIS-1150: mothballed the in-memory objectstore.

In addition, cosmetic change to all the pom.xml in isis/core, removed "Core" from name (since we don't have any separate components anymore).

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ISIS-1178: mothballing the tck tests.

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ISIS-1178: moved first tranche of RO TCK tests to isis-app-kitchensink


ISIS-1177: fix for deserializing into RO applib using jackson.

ISIS-1175: fixing issue with menu separators disappearing in do force reload in Wicket viewer.

In addition, refactored ServiceActionsPanel and TertiaryActionsPanel, remove some of the duplication of code (moved to ServiceActionUtil class instead).

ISIS-1052: tiny CSS fix for prototype actions on menus.

ISIS-1052: fixing bad links.

ISIS-1052: adding new quote to index.html; converting "Isis" to "Apache Isis" throughout on index.html

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ISIS-1173: fixing silly compile issue (missing import)

ISIS-1173: split out FixtureScriptsSpecificationProvider.

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ISIS-1174: fix for the "objects of type" resource, along with new screencast.

ISIS-1052: adding cg.adoc subsections back in (erroneously removed in previous commits).

ISIS-1052: reference

ISIS-1052: redoing the release notes.

ISIS-1052: moving to scripts/. directory

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ISIS-1052: adding script to pull down JIRA release notes

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update to committers guide on github PRs

ISIS-1052: further docs on

Merge branch 'ISIS-1162_pr-31'

ISIS-1062: reformatting code

Merge branch 'master' of into ISIS-1162_pr-31

ISIS-1052: more on and docs

ISIS-1052: docs and updates for

ISIS-1052: docs for

ISIS-1052: tweaking to use merge --no-ff instead of rebase