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ISIS-1313: updating docs for xsd mojo goal

ISIS-993: recreating simpleapp archetype

ISIS-993: fixing layout in simpleapp; minor doc change

ISIS-993: more docs

ISIS-993: fixing java7 compile issues.

ISIS-993: fixing compile issue from stale javadoc ref.

ISIS-993: more documentation, some minor fixes...


- if first property in a fieldset is invalid (was losing the actions associated with the fieldset).

- schema location in downloaded XML was missing the bootstrap3 grid.

ISIS-993: more documentation.

ISIS-993: further documentation on the layout/grid system.

ISIS-993: split LayoutService back out into LayoutService (API) vs GridService (SPI); rationalizing APIs; adding documentation.

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ISIS-993: tidying up GridImplementationService...


- change lexical order of methods in GridImplementationServiceAbstract, per call hierarchy

- only generate a warning if in prototyping mode;


- if obtaining the complete(...) or the minimal(...) grids, then instantiate a new grid (rather than using the one that might be being cached by GridFacetDefault) because these methods modify said grid object (complete(...) adds stuff, minimal(...) removes stuff).

ISIS-993: rationalizing and simplifying the domain services that support the dynamic layouts.


- new LayoutServiceMenu (formally was MetadataMenu), now delegates to ...

- renamed GridService to LayoutService, simplified and combined methods, but also added downloadLayouts for LayoutServiceMenu to call

- renamed GridNormalizerService to GridImplementationService

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ISIS-993: documentation on XML layouts.

ISIS-993: updating the components.xsd in docs directory

ISIS-1287: minor CSS fix for "are you sure" popup.

ISIS-993: extending grid structure to include offsets and allow multiple col-XX-nn to be defined per column.

Also tidied up the simpleapp:

- removed .layout.json for HomePageViewModel, replaced with a .layout.xml

- cleaned up SimpleObject (removing those test collections)

- removed SimpleObject#updateName action.

ISIS-993: updating javadoc is all.

ISIS-993: removing the ability to view the Grid as a view model (in its own right); no real use case for this functionality at the moment.

ISIS-993: fixing unit test from refactoring of SpecificationCacheDefault earlier

ISIS-993: ensure columns in tables are rendered in correct order (require eagerly obtaining grid); also when rendering, ignore any invalid properties/collections/actions.

ISIS-993: only include entities and view models' layouts in zip file from MetadataMenu#downloadLayouts (XML)

ISIS-993: minor refactoring of helper methos in GridNormalizerService implementations.

ISIS-993: ensure that actions associated to properties/collections/fieldsets are added in the correct order when normalizing grid.

ISIS-993: when normalize, bind actions to properties or field sets (if metadata not already specified as an annotation).

Merge branch 'master' into ISIS-993

# Conflicts:

# core/applib/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/applib/services/dto/

# core/applib/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/applib/services/jaxb/

ISIS-993: minor changes, working towards being able to generate .layout.xml for complete vs normalized vs minimal (no longer NPEs for complete etc), however...

... not yet correctly roundtripping for anything other than the complete .layout.xml.

ISIS-993: fixes to prevent SpecificationCacheDefault from getting out-of-whack (by mapping ObjectSpecId to className, rather than spec; can then use the className to look up the spec in turn).

This stuff came about because reloading of grid after change was only working if invalidated the class spec (= refresh twice).

ISIS-1314: adding @ParameterLayout to the DTO mixin (download) actions.

ISIS-1313: new 'commonSchemas' configuration parameter.

ISIS-1312: fix up the generated common schema.