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ISIS-2123 minor: code deduplication

ISIS-2123 resurrects simpleapp-module-simple tests

Yet some of them fail, because we disabled the fixture teardown logic in

favor of the auto rollback for Spring powered integration tests.

ISIS-2140 minor/java-doc: remove misplaced package info

ISIS-2140 remove DomainService.menuOrder

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ISIS-2140 remove DomainServiceLayout.menuOrder

ISIS-2142 removes deprecated NatureOfService.VIEW_MENU_ONLY

ISIS-2142 removes deprecated NatureOfService.VIEW_MENU_ONLY

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ISIS-2148 regression: fixes 'schema' maven build

by re-adding the 'jdk11' profile to schema's pom.xml

ISIS-2123 minor: removes unused injection point

ISIS-2123 fixes BddSpecs test for simpleapp

- we reverted cucumber to version 1.2.5, because I've not figured out

how to configure eclipse to recognize scenarios with cucumber 2.0.0 or


- this is a proof of concept for cucumber/isis/spring integration, yet

requires a bit of boilerplate

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ISIS-2123 drop deprecated classes from /extensions/specsupport

- bumping cucumber version from 1.2.4 -> 4.2.6 (not the latest yet)

- handle cucumber version in /extensions/specsupport/pom.xml (no longer

in core)

- add cucumber-spring artifact

however, documentation seems sparse and I've not figured out yet hoe to

properly integrate cucumber with spring boot

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ISIS-2148 fixes 'smoketest' maven build

... by moving JDK11 profile specific dependency management out of the

profile in /core/pom.xml

ISIS-2149: removes unused css and js from old website

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ISIS-2149: moves the static files over, updates Antora's ui.yml file.

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ISIS-2148: change helloworld app's @Notes, should be multiline=5

ISIS-2148: remove duplicate 'create' menu item in Hello World's menu

ISIS-2148: updates the fieldset names for helloworld's app, in line with the new fallback layout (ISIS-2147)

ISIS-2148: fixes brandLogoHeader and applicationName for helloworld and simpleapp

ISIS-2148: updates helloworld, brings more into line with the new fallback layout (ISIS-2147)

ISIS-2148: removes fix for brand icon of demo app, since needed for all apps, I think.

ISIS-2148: adds favicons for helloworld and simpleapp

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ISIS-2148: adjusts the logo positioning

ISIS-2147: changes the fallback layout to a more sophisticated one.

ISIS-2146: adds two new "metadata" property mixins

ISIS-2145: moves Object_downloadMetaModelXml into the applib.

inlines the Util class to MetaModelServicesMenu since no longer shared.

ISIS-2144: scans the package that includes the Persistable_ mixins

ISIS-2062: fixes words in .adoc for @MemberOrder and @MemberGroupLayout

ISIS-2062: removes unused png for ug vw

ISIS-2062: minor update for features intro for ug vw

ISIS-2062: moves end-user features chapter for ug vw down after the layout chapter.

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