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ISIS-1332: rename ComponentKey to ComponentHintKey

ISIS-1287: minor fixes to xsd docs

ISIS-687: now honouring @MinLength when specified on an action.

ISIS-1309: only add the "are you sure" prompt if action is not disabled.

ISIS-1319: change where the "mandatory" class is added for reference panel so that the existing CSS picks it up to show the red asterisk marker.

ISIS-1327: create a StringPanel if read-only. Also fix for CSS

ISIS-1287: completing rename of contributors guide to developers guide. Also moved the policies chapter to committers' guide

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ISIS-1315: updating docs for swagger goal.

In addition, moved the isis maven plugin to its own reference guide, and renamed the cgcon "contributors guide" to "developers' guide" (didn't change file names or links, though).

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ISIS-1287: recreating simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1287: updating the recreate_archetype scripts

ISIS-1228: splitting out a TitleService

ISIS-1330: updating docs

ISIS-1330: adding CSS classes for collections and also entity page.

ISIS-1239, ISIS-1324, ISIS-1328: multi-select for standalone collections was broken, now fixed.

Issue was that earlier work moved entire responsibility for being the "UiHintContainer" onto the EntityModel, on the basis that only entities can store hints over time. However, the selector drop-down for standalone collections also was storying the hint on the UiHintContainer, which previously was also supported by (standalone) EntityCollectionModel. This meant that the hint got lost. Fix for that is to allow the IsisUiHintEvent to also directly hold the hint info.

In addition, the algorithm for selecting the default view was broken for standalone collections; should default to "table" if a standalone and there is no other metadata available.

ISIS-1329: "showAll" now included in the bookmark hints too.

Also minor refactor of responsibilities w.r.t. obtaining the UiHintContainer by the dataTable's subcomponents.

ISIS-1329: "showAll" is being remembered in session (when revisit page) but not yet as a hint.

ISIS-1239: refactored hints, now correctly serialized into session (once more), and can grab as a copy. This also includes the remembering of state when revisit page (even if no hints explicitly grabbed).

ISIS-1324: updating docs to describe multiple collections on same page. Also discussion of custom CSS on page

ISIS-1287: pulling out a new quotes page

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ISIS-1324: further small refactorings of EntityModel hints.

ISIS-1324: have EntityCollectionModel hold a reference to EntityModel (if it is parented)... the idea being that we will associate hints only with EntityModels.

ISIS-1324: refactoring usage of ScopedSessionAttribute: removing duplication between EntityCollectionModel and ModelAbstract.

ISIS-1324: fixing the standalone table panel, was not displaying any rows due to defaulting to an invalid view name.

ISIS-1324: now using the CollectionLayoutData on the EntityCollectionModel (if available) to default the views. Thereafter the existing hint stuff is working ok.

isis-1325: new SessionManageService and impl; also updated docs.

ISIS-1228: add RepositoryService#instantiate(...) as a convenience method.

Also refactor the simpleapp to use the new services.

ISIS-1305: mixed-in collections and properties now derive name correctly if called '$$'


- deleting old version of DomainObjectContainerDefault, accidentally committed previously

- tiny tweak to btn class in simpleapp.

ISIS-1323: deprecating @CollectionLayout#renderType

ISIS-1322: mixin members now expose the mixed-in object in their Visiblity and Usability events. This allows subscribers to take action based on this info.

In addition:

- minor improvement to simpleapp to hide mixins for the home page object.

ISIS-993: SizeSpan (one of the grid classes) should be serializable.