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actually dump the cache code


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remove ProxyNoCache and ProxyCacheForceCompletion config directives,

since we no longer directly cache from this module


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Cache removed, with other spooge


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We don't want the directory to have the word alpha in it.

Virtual host config file fix backported from v1.3


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tweak ap_get_remote_host() so that the caller can find out if she got

back an IP address

mod_access needed to know this, but the old code didn't handle IPv6

Bring forward the -V option for suexec from 1.3.20-dev. It looks

like the umask() option needs to be brought forward, as well.

Is this still 2.0.14-dev?

Fix a Windows seg fault on startup when multiple listen directives are being used.

The pool pointer in the local address field in apr_sock_t is not initialized until a

request is received. in general, we should not rely on the addressed in apr_sock_t

when doing work on the listen_recs.

These files are now obsoleted by ap_ebcdic.c

David McCreedy writes:

> I've update the text files in os/tpf/samples, in part due to these ebcdic

> patches.

> I'd like to


> - remove os/tpf/samples/linkdll.jcl

> - add os/tpf/samples/linkhttp.jcl

Submitted by: "David McCreedy" <>

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I added configurable EBCDIC configuration functionality to http_core.c;

because conversion is a base feature, this looked like the only sensible

place to me. Other basic features like Resource limits live there too.

* make EBCDIC conversion truly configurable. Up to know, there was a

hardwired assumption that only files of MIME type text/* (and a few

exceptions) could be EBCDIC files; and everything else HAD TO BE

binary. This assumption breaks (again and again) for MIME types like

application/postscript, model/vrml, application/x-javascript and

others, which can never be stored as EBCDIC text files.

I now implemented two new directives for defining the conversion

based on MIME type or file extension. The conversion can be set for

upload and download independently, on or off, for any file.

* make EBCDIC conversion symmetric. Up to now, there was no clean way

to deal with uploaded content (POST with Content-Type:, PUT with

Content-Type:) because a) there was no MIME checker attached to the

header-reader, and b) you could not actually define a conversion

based on MIME type. Both deficiencies have now been addressed (the

ap_checkconv_in() routine is called upon parsing of an uploaded

Content-Type: line, and it can set a flag which is different from

the download conversion flag. Also, its change is triggered at a

different phase in the request handling: the upload conversion

is set as soon as a Content-Type: for an uploaded document is

detected, but the download conversion is only set when the

response is about to be returned). All this was impossible in the


* unify the EBCDIC tables to be in a single common file

src/ap/ap_ebcdic.c (and src/include/ap_ebcdic.h) instead

of having redundant copies under src/os/{tpf,bs2000,os390}/ebcdic.{c,h}

The common file will have the correct translation table

conditionally compiled based on #ifdef TPF/OS390/_OSD_POSIX.

Up to now, each EBCDIC had its own copy, cloned and slightly


* Also, put the conversion checker ap_checkconv() to http_core,

because is is an essential central cog in the whole conversion

clockwork. Until now, three almost incompatible copies were

spread throughout the EBCDIC platforms' os.c files.

Reviewed by: "David McCreedy" <>

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don't try to install expat, since it isn't there anymore.

Always clear the C-L if we are going to try to parse the file. It is

impossible for us to determine if there is going to be an SSI tag in the

file until we have actually scanned it all. By that time, it is likely

that the first chunk of data, and the headers have been sent to the client,

and it is too late to clear the C-L. If we are parsing the file, we have

to just assume we are going to change the content.

Get us closer to building on Unix. Not perfect yet, but we no longer

should look for expat in srclib.

Add -V option to suexec, to list compile-time settings with

which it was built. Only usable by root and the HTTPD_USER.

Goodbye srclib/expat ... completes the build for srclib/apr-util/xml/expat

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Refreshing the .mak files. Dang... should have done this in the a.m.

A one line snafu becomes a big one... sorry, forgot to transpose this.

Minor snafu - wrong intermediate build path

Just a handy place to stow this, since it's only used for comparing

the .zip to the .tar.gz when I roll .zip sources.

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Update the STATUS for the current situation

turn on setuid permissions when installing suexec

Submitted by: Ken Coar

What ever happened to that blizzard we were supposed to get?

Bump for version 2.0.14

Fix content-length computation. We ONLY compute a content-length if

We are not in a 1.1 request and we cannot chunk, and this is a keepalive

or we already have all the data.

A little more information on the problems seen on Daedalus with 2.0,

plus a note about another problem that apparently fell through the cracks.

log our unresolved problems from daedalus in a visible place.

Report unbounded containers in the config file. Previously, a typo

in the </container> directive could result in the rest of the config

file being silently ignored, with undesired defaults used.

The dates change but the numbers stay the same. whee.


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