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Changeset 87659 is being indexed.

note that rewrite map expansions work in rewriteconds

get rid of an unused variable

My bad... don't need the quotes here

Fold into all Makefiles

Begining stub of NONAC_LDFLAGS and NONAC_CFLAGS stuff.

First of all, avoid re-adding values to the various hints

each time called (not a problem now, but could be later).

Then build up CFLAGS/LDFLAGS during Makefile generation.


Obtained from:

Submitted by:

Reviewed by:

It is not sufficient to reset the file pointer before each call to ap_send_fd. A better solution

is to make certain that only apr_sendfile() will be used to send content with a cached file handle.

This assumes that apr_sendfile() should not rely on the position of the file pointer. I suspect that

sendfile implementations that rely on the position of the file pointer are broken and we should not

use sendfile on those platforms.

Change some INFO messages to DEBUG messages. Cleanup some message wording.

Fix typo in anchor name.

Fix typo in anchor. Link to mod_so.html#loadmodule instead of mod_so.html

for LoadModule directive.

Add a quick note about external modules.

back out the previous change, which broke FreeBSD 3.4, OS/390, Tru64,

BeOS, and perhaps other platforms

Fix a typo in an example and make a slight clarification in the

TransferLog docs.

"Well, hello! Gay now!"

-- Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

update some references to the old prefix/libexec directory

only handle the request if server-info is the handler

Submitted by: Greg Stein

don't allow caching of this test page, and send proper html

Obtained from: Alexander Farber <>

Tidy up the beos mpm a little.

get mod_info working again (mostly)

(I guess I should simply zap the code to list the handlers

for each module?)

Catch uninitialized data use if -d serverroot arg provided for netware

is a relative path. [Brad Nicholes]

clean up win32 todo items

Libtool takes care of the lib prefix so get rid of our own workaround.

more win32 build touchups from randy

fix compile errors when PerlIO is used

Submitted by: dougm, Randy Kobes <>

This sets an example for this type of module, so let's make sure

it uses our own guidelines.

Minor typo fix.

use AP_HOOK_LAST for this module. This may or may not be the final

solution but it is at least more correct.

Fix a compile break with the new APR libtool setup. Basically, we are

using a libtool library from MM, but it isn't getting linked into the

Apache executable, so we fail the link stage. This makes APR

publicize the libtool libraries that it uses, so that Apache can link

them in.

Fix a compile break related to the apr libtool change.

a couple tweaks to get Apache building with the new libtool-ized APR

get rid of some invalid errno references; use the apr_status_t instead