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Changeset 775024 is being indexed.

update transformation
update for sync with English doc.

Translated by: Nilgün Belma Bugüner <nilgun>

Reviewed by:  Orhan Berent <berent>

fix module attribute
Revert second part of r774755.

Revert r774755: ap_server_root_relative() for

piped loggers is nonsense. It doesn't work when

the logger path contains whitespace.

We already allow relative paths because we open

the log program via the shell.

Code was taken from mod_rewrite and mod_log_forensic,

which need to be still fixed (removing

ap_server_root_relative() should suffice).

optimize as suggested by chrisd

unused var


docco xforms

Allow relative pathnames for piped loggers in ErrorLog.

Update docco xforms

English xforms

Spanish xforms

German xforms

Update xforms

Add name of program to spawn to the error

message, when starting piped loggers fails.

Whitespace cleanup. No functional change.

Revert r735516 as requested by wrowe.

Will commit again as smaller patches,

also merging piped_log_wrapper with

the piped_log structure.

merge from trunk r774530
merge from trunk r774530
merge from trunk r774530
revert 774533 until it becomes factual
use a single spelling of Multiviews
use a single spelling of Multiviews
mdc2 has expired
update comments and place in public domain
merge from trunk r774184
add API back from r774454

no need to recalc... we store this.

Oops... not yet