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rebuild docs
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Remove 'blacklist' from our docs, as per

and other excellent resources.

Encourage checkouts by https rather than http.

Build with LDAP support for APR 1.x.

Dump end of error_log for test run failures.

* c-modules/test_ssl/mod_test_ssl.c

(test_ssl_var_lookup): Fix warning with trunk.

make sure the $n of the regular expressions is not included the name of the worker.

for example, the example:

ProxyPassMatch "^(/.*\.gif)$" "$1"

was giving:

AH00526: Syntax error on line nnn of bla/conf/httpd.conf:

ProxyPass Unable to parse URL:$1

Add error checks in md_json_readb

*) mod_proxy_http2: the "ping" proxy parameter

(see <>) is now used

when checking the liveliness of a new or reused h2 connection to the backend.

With short durations, this makes load-balancing more responsive. The module

will hold back requests until ping conditions are met, using features of the

HTTP/2 protocol alone. [Ruediger Pluem, Stefan Eissing]

Merge r1876679 from trunk:

gdbinit: print bucket fd when available. [skip ci]

Submitted by: ylavic

Reviewed by: rpluem

Merge r1876678 from trunk:

gdbinit: more address colomn space for 64bit.

Submitted by: ylavic

Reviewed by: rpluem

updated versions of libs used
Propose fix for BZ 64452. [skip ci]
mod_proxy_http: put request/response splitting checks under the same comment.

If stream_reqbody() detects a Content-Length vs bytes streamed mismatch it

means that a module's filter played bad games, such inconsistency on the client

connection would have been caught by ap_http_filter().

So move AH01087 logic to AH01086, under the same comment and log message, and

always return HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER because the client is not the culprit here.

util_filter: both directions for setaside/reinstate/adapt logging.

ap_filter_{setaside,reinstate,adopt}() can be called by both input and output

filters, so adapt confusing (always out) logging.

.gitignore: ignore duplicated extensions globally.
update transformations.
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update for sync with English docs.
update for sync with English docs.
mod_proxy_http: don't strip EOS when spooling request body to file.

To prevent stream_reqbody() from sending the FILE and FLUSH bucket in separate

brigades, and thus apr_file_setaside() to trigger if network congestion occurs

with the backend, restore the EOS in spool_reqbody_cl() which was stripped

when spooling the request body to a file.

Until APR r1878279 is released (and installed by users), apr_file_setaside()

on a temporary file (mktemp) will simply drop the file cleanup, leaking the

fd and inode..

This fixes BZ 64452.

revert r1878268
update after backport
update after backport
Merged /httpd/httpd/trunk:r1878233,1878264

*) mod_proxy_http2: respect ProxyTimeout settings on backend connections

while waiting on incoming data. [Ruediger Pluem, Stefan Eissing]

.gdbinit: fix dump_table indentation [skip ci]
Use the ping timeout if set and waiting for a ping

.gdbinit: tabs to spaces [skip ci]
.gdbinit: better dump_pool_and_children indentation [skip ci]
.gdbinit: no child_cleanup_fn for pre_cleanups [skip ci]
.gdbinit: fix copy/paste dup [skip ci]
.gdbinit: dump pool (pre_)cleanups [skip ci]