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Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Backport of r1872188 from trunk.

Happy New Year 2020

Update proposal.



travis: restore email notifications for dev@

The issue with ppcle64 seems to be fixed from [1],

and Joe fixed the APR 1.7.x issue as well. Builds are

back to normal.


Work around a build failure when a cached APR branch install

is used but APR-util needs to be rebuilt; currently this fails

because the APR build directory is not available.


Disable caching for this combination for now.

configure: Add manualdir and proxycachedir to the APR_ENABLE_LAYOUT macro call

Correct the case on OpenWrt, the project prefers this capitalisation.


Align the OpenWRT config layout with the new kayout as defined by the project.

test/ move retry logic to function

Move the retry logic to a bash function and restore the -e

failure policy in the script (to have cleaner log traces

in base of build failures).

travis: temporary disable notifications to dev@

There seem to be some issues to iron out, disabling

email notifications to avoid spamming dev@.

Allow to be found while cross compiling.

test/ make for loop more resilient

This is a follow up to my last commit to this file, to make

the for loop more resilient with the following:

- use --force in svn export, otherwise the second attempt will

always fail due to the dest directory already present.

- exit 1 in case the 5 tries end up in a non zero exit code

(to fail fast the build).

Add support for cross compiling to apxs. If apxs is being executed from somewhere

other than its target location, add that prefix to includes and library directories.

Without this, apxs would fail to find and exit.

More nice to do for 2.6.x.

Add an idea about YAML.

Remove section on RFC compliance. All listed PRs are resolved, thanks

to the donation of access to the Co-Advisor test suite.

Add a config layout for OpenWRT.

ab.c: Replace with web archive link

closes #84

Submitted By: Josua Schmid <josua.schmid>

test/ remove bash -e flag

To allow a proper fail/retry, -e needs to be removed.

Ideally this shouldn't happen, so I'd consider this

a test to see if the bash for workaround is a viable

option or not.

test/ add a simple bash retry to svn export

Sometimes a build is killed by Travis due to svn export taking

a long time to complete (> 10m). This change should be a test to see

if a simple workaround reduces the noise to the dev@ mailing list.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML files updates.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML files updates.

vote mod_http2