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Document SHA-2 support.

Two done.
Merge r1491700, r1862200 from trunk:

According to comment in 'magic_rsl_add' and to the way 'magic_rsl_printf' manages its buffer, I think that this memory should be apr_pstrdup'ed.

This has been like that forever, but seems broken to me.


* docs/conf/magic: Allow mod_mime_magic to return "audio/x-wav" for

WAV files, and omit returning "audio/unknown" for other RIFF

format files. Having a MIME type defined on a continuation line

*and* the preceding top-level match breaks mod_mime_magic, which

treats the second result "printed" as the MIME encoding. Neither

audio/x-wav nor audio/unknown are IANA registered, though Firefox

and Chrome both appear to recognize the former. Since the RIFF

format can contain non-audio media, returning audio/unknown as

a fallback for all RIFF files appears to be bogus anyway.

Submitted by: Àngel Ollé Blázquez <aollebla>

Submitted by: jailletc36

Reviewed by: jorton, jim, icing

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Merge r1861690 from trunk:

* server/util.c: Make "nul" symbol private.

Reviewed by: jorton, jfclere, icing

Proposing backport of h2 timeout/keepalive handling.

* applying v4 of the patch for PR 63534.

v4 of h2 keepalive patch, verified
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v3 of the h2 keepalive patch
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backport patch for 1862475
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*) mod_http2/mpm_event: Fixes the behaviour when a HTTP/2 connection has nothing

more to write with streams ongoing (flow control block). The timeout waiting

for the client to send WINODW_UPDATE was incorrectly KeepAliveTimeout and not

Timeout as it should be. Fixes PR 63534. [Yann Ylavic, Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_proxy_http2: fixing a potential NULL pointer use in logging.

[Christophe Jaillet <christophe.jaillet>, Dr Silvio Cesare InfoSect]

* All backported
* Backported in r1862410
* Only availabe since 2.4.40
* Fix flow
Merge r1842010, r1841225, r1862039, r1862040, r1862042 from trunk:

* dav_stream_response processes data that has been allocated from the propdb

pool. Hence close the propdb *after* dav_stream_response which clears thei

probdb pool.

* Doing a PROPFIND on a large collection e.g. 50.000 elements can easily

consume 1 GB of memory as the subrequests and propdb pools are not

destroyed and cleared after each element was handled.

Do this now. There is one case in dav_get_props where elem->priv

lives longer then the propdb pool. In this case allocate from r->pool.

Furthermore also recycle propdb's which allows to clear the propdb's

pools instead of destroying them and creating them again.

Simplify handling of short-lived pool for dav_propdb in mod_dav. No

functional change.

* modules/dav/main/props.c (dav_popen_propdb): Rename from

dav_open_propdb, take a pool argument.

(dav_open_propdb): Reimplement in terms of above, using


(dav_propfind_walker): Switch to using dav_open_propdb

with scratchpool.

* modules/dav/main/props.c (dav_do_prop_subreq): Allocate escaped URI

out of propdb pool, fixing small per-resource leak during a PROPFIND


Submitted by: jorton, rpluem

* modules/dav/main/mod_dav.c (dav_send_multistatus): Tag the pool.

Reviewed by: rpluem, jorton, jim

Couple more small fixes.
And promote backport w/ at least 3 +1 votes

cast votes on tested patches

*) mod_ssl/mod_md:

Adding 2 new hooks for init/get of OCSP stapling status information when

other modules want to provide those. Falls back to own implementation with

same behaviour as before.

* Replace apr_psprintf with apr_pstrcat where the format strings only

contain %s to improve efficiency. Leave out error messages as they

are not on a crtical code path and error message become less readable

when taking out the format specifiers.