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Changeset 1834523 is being indexed.

documentation rebuild
mod_proxy.xml: add vhost/server contextes for ProxySet

While reading PR 62422 I noticed that ProxySet's available

contextes list only 'directory', that looks odd:


Allow openssl.pc to be in lib64 (like other components).

Render <code> in bold in man pages, matching commonly used style in

both help2man and the standard DocBook XSL stylesheets for man output.

documentation rebuild
output-filters.xml: add a use case study

While working on

I learned a ton of non trivial things about

the output filter chain and how to design a filter,

and I thought to report them as a separate section

of the output filters doc page. Feedback is welcome

for inaccuracies or wrong understanding :)

Merge r1834012, r1834013 from trunk:

Add default schema ports for websockets

Nore userland/PR change

PR: 62480

Submitted by: Lubos Uhliarik <luhliari>

Reviewed by: jim, rpluem, covener


CHANGES for 1834321


Merge r1833827 from trunk:

add server_rec to log.c fatal startup errors

Not strictly necessary for trunk, but in 2.4.x if the main ErrorLog is

using syslog, these messages are lost. In trunk, the low-level logging

routines reach up and find the syslog provider when no server_rec is provided

but that backport is stalled.

propose _ fix

add _ and - hostname tests for r1834318.

Re-allow '_' (underscore) in hostnames.

'_' was not permitted in hostnames since 2.4.25's "HTTP Strict"


Add details of the extra step needed for security releases, updating vulnerabilities-httpd.xml. This

got missed in the past and Eric reminded me to add some details about this here.

Synch with 2.4.x.

mod_http2 is no more marked as experimental.

This is not part of 2.4.x yet.

Add a reference to 2.5 for regex within AuthName and update the misleading 2.4.x reference in AuthType

Synch with trunk

(backport r1765974, r1830428, r1830439, r1834258, r1834259, r1834263)

Fix typo
Synch with 2.4.x.

mod_http2 is nor more experimental.

More s/code/module/

Prefer <module> to hard coded <a href=...>

Add some direct links to directives

Split long lines

Fix a typo and use <module> instead of <code> in order to have links and a better syntax highlight